Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Big harvesting

And with a huge bang and a clatter, and much largeness of noise this monster of a machine gingerly negotiated its way past the half barn and veg plot with hardly an inch to spare. On its way to the front field was.

Harvest time for the oil seed rape.

It just about got past the cement mixer and the lorry parked up loaded with wood for the house roof.

Then off down the field, chomping and cutting, filling its belly with seed, belching plumes of dust that would do justice to a mini sandstorm in the Sahara.

It was oh so hungry, that machine, and was ruthless in its eating of the rape.

And after its meal there wasn't much left, only stiff dry stalks.

So now the fields are back in our hands, and we can once again walk round them which was something we have been prevented from doing for the last three months due to the vigorous growth of the oil seed rape. We missed the daily walk around the permiter of our land, and although the stubble is unpleasant to walk over, at least we can now do that again.

It feels like we are being submerged with machinery at the moment, all doing Big Jobs.

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