Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Still burning, and a hole is done with.

We are still burning our way through the huge pile of rotting wood,
several days ago the heap was almost as high as the wall and stretched the length of the wall as well.
The heap was began in 2008,
It is making a grand exit by way of the ongoing bonfire.
I am starting to get fascinated by the making of fire.
Yesterday I was too enthusiastic when trying to pick up a plank which I had not managed to throw right into the heart of the fire,
crikey but it was hot close in,
hot enough for me to back away tout suite as I felt my face starting to take on a glow.
Not to worry, I remain un- singed......just about.

The other side of the courtyard wall...
and another ongoing job is now finished......
and a big hole was dug and lined so we could eventually have a fish pond in the courtyard.
We thought that it would look pretty, and that it would be nice to sit and dangle our toes and fingers into the water on a hot summer day.
The pond was to be about the length and width of this caravan,
which is the one we used for cooking and eating in between 2009 and 2011...
Once the caravan was given away....that is when we hit upon the idea of making a pond, and the hole was dug and lined. And so it remained....neglected and unfinished.

But our thoughts changed about the pond as we realised that it would be a breeding ground for flying insects, and that no, we would not be able to sit beside the still water and dangle bits of ourselves into its calm depths because we would be bitten to pieces.
.....and so the Pond Project died a death,
and the hole became filled with tangles of old fencing wire.
It did not look very nice, but then the courtyard was always a mess anyway because of the amount of building work which was going on from time to time.
But now.....
...a flat, clear, space, and a determination to keep it clear, because I am now looking forward to planting out that space.
It will be so nice to come out of our front door and see flowers rather than piles of sand, bricks, wood and other stuff, because we are going to continue getting the place tidied up.
And I might even buy myself a sunbed next year so I can loll about in the sun when I have a few minutes to spare.
this gang  will soon be moving into their new accommodation:

No longer will they be sharing the courtyard with us,
because the Chicken / Geese Project is on the move, and I shall tell you how far we have got in another post.
Off to have a ride on my bike,
but not outside on the lanes where I might get chilled as I cycle,
no, I am going for a ride on my indoor bike,
which is a stationary bike so I shall not get into any mischief,
although I did fall off it a while ago,
not sure how I did that,
 but all of a sudden I found myself, still in the saddle and still with my feet on the pedals,
taking a topple sideways.
The bike came too.
But the dogs made a slurpy fuss of me as I lay winded on the floor,
waiting to see what injury I had done myself,
which was actually nil,
which was a surprise because the bike is quite high in the saddle.
Anyway, off I go.....
Bye for now,


Sol said...

What a transformation! It all takes such a long time. But now you can take pride in what you have achieved. You have worked wonders.

rusty duck said...

I'm sure you're right about the pond. But it's a lovely space, especially with that old wall as the backdrop. Look forward to seeing it planted up!

PioneerPreppy said...

It's so satisfying to get an area cleaned up and see it nice and neat fora change isn't it?

That court yard is so cool. Wish I had one like that.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i love a good burn pile! great work. the courtyard will flower soon!

Marty Damon said...

Always enjoyable to read about all the work someone else is up to. And even though a burning pile of scrap wood is far from unusual here in the U.S., somehow one in the south of France becomes exotic.
Try not to tump over on that stationary bike!

Vera said...

SOL, sometimes we forget how far we have come since those first days in France, so it is good to see some old photos to remind us of this!

JESSICA, the pond was going to be quite a feature of the courtyard, but it would have been such a breeding ground for biting insects which would have spoilt the summer for us. I am just about to start looking at the plant catalogues.....and am soooo looking forward to getting the space planted.

PIONEERPREPPY, it is good to see a place get tidy, both outside and inside. As for the courtyard....it used to be the farm yard when our smallholding was a 'proper' farm and still had all its land, I also think that the walls of the courtyard acted as a barrier to flood water when the nearby river overflowed on to the land. And I would not be surprised that during its long ago history, that those walls also acted as a defence against marauding folk, because the main gates were proper fortress type gates when we arrived here!

OHIOFARMGIRL, thirsting to see flowers rather than building stuff piled here and there!

MARTY, hi, and thanks for visiting. And that wood? Well it was rotten, and possibly still carrying some of the termites and other such wood eating insects which eventually made the house become a ruin. When we arrived here the roof had collapsed, most of the wooden ceilings were also collapsed, the same for the barns. The whole place was in state of decay, so we could not keep any of the wood because it was not fit to be kept!......and I shall try to stay upright on the bike!

Kerry said...

Sorry, but I did laugh when you said you'd fallen off a stationary bike, but I'm pleased you didn't hurt yourself. Having said that, I've fallen over on my skis and I wasn't even moving :) x

Vera said...

KERRY, it was funny when me and the bike toppled sideways together, especially when the dogs did a mega fussing over me when I was on the floor, which included licking tongues and wagging tails! But I am glad I was not out on the lane, ..... and hopefully the snow cushioned you when you did your topple!

My Life in the Charente said...

I have managed to 'take off' from my bike on the road but stationary, that must be quite difficult:-) Glad you were OK though. Love goose, wish we had one for Christmas in the UK I would be in my element. Guess I could get one but I am sure they would be a ridiculous price!
Take care and have a good time over the holidays though the problem with animals they have no understanding of the holiday period!! All the best Diane

Cro Magnon said...

My attempts at pond making have all failed. They've been OK for a year or so, then either get over-run by plants, or all the fish die. I've decided to remain pondless.

Kirsty Udall said...

You're right to not have the pond, it'd be like inviting the mossies to dine on you 24/7.
You really seem to be getting through the jobs at the moment, well done!

Vera said...

DIANE, we have not as yet cooked any of our geese, mostly because Lester tends to regard them as pets! Hope you have a good Christmas....as for us, we shall be quite happy here, away from the busyness of the holiday season!

CRO MAGNON, ....so no pond for you or us, which means no nursery for breeding biting insects. Seems sensible!

KIRSTY, we are coming to the end of a very long renovation period. Trying to get the smallholding going, Lester working full time up until two years ago, meanwhile living in a house which was very basic to say the least,....well, it has felt like a long haul sometimes. But now we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and although our upstairs will need doing at some point in the future, the downstairs is nearly done. I am looking forward to seeing how your renovation work continues.....feeling relieved that ours has mostly be done!

rosaria williams said...

I read about your life and smile. You have energy and pride and a great sense of humor to take up such undertaking. Glad to see progress.

Kev Alviti said...

Yard looks good. I wish I had that much space without mud!
Hope you've been cooking jacket potatoes in foil in the fire, I always remember mum doing that on bonfire night. I've got a Dutch oven as well so I'd try to get that in their as well. Back when I was an apprentice we used to make a fire with offcuts and a make shift BBQ with blocks and a bit of mesh and cook our lunch on it! Good times!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

My husband like making big bonfires. Your caravan was pretty neat.