Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sharing our spot on the planet.....

.....and here is our little homestead,
looking across to it from the woodland beside the river.
I was supposed to be gathering twigs and bits of branches,
requested by Lester to do so because we now have a fire to get lit every day,
so need kindling.
The Rayburn is doing well,
although the wood pile, which looked so very big a few weeks ago,
seems to be shrinking alarmingly fast.
Anyway, out in the sunshine I went, full of energy to go gather some bits of wood,
but I didn't because I was foolish enough to take my camera,
so I went sight seeing around our place instead.

---- and turning slightly left of my view of the house,
...... and slightly left again....

...and left again after having walked a little way towards the end of our property,
with the Pyrenees showing themselves a little bit.
And here is an odd thing...
although we have had weeks and weeks of sunshine, something is brewing up in the skies,
because there is a strange sort of cloud system starting to build up every day.
It is ominous in the stealth with which it is happening,
and I don't suppose many people are taking notice of it,
but something is definitely brewing,
of that I am sure.
I think that when this lovely weather finally breaks it is going to do so with a grand flourish of weatherly temper,
which most surely must match my temper as I continue to try and make cheese.
Oh sorry, got off topic there,
but just to say that me and cheese making are not happy bed fellows at the moment.
Meanwhile, back outside....
and on out into the side field to walk the dogs,
night is falling,
the mists gather,
it is magic,
makes me think of olden days,
of knight in armour and damsels in long pretty frocks,
waiting to be rescued,
or something....
Dog walk done,....
Bye for now,


PioneerPreppy said...

That's funny you mentioned knights in armor and all because every time I see your place I picture green clad riflemen defending it against attacking Napoleonic French infantry. I know your place is way South of that particular battle site but I always imagine it that way. Maybe one on the other side of the Mountains played out that scenario too though.

Emma Skinner said...

Looks beautiful Vera :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a beautiful place!

rusty duck said...

It's a lovely spot. Love the hills behind the house and as for the Pyrenees, magic indeed.

Vintage Maison said...

beautiful pictures!

Kerry said...

Great photos of where you live, especially the mountains. Must take my camera with me more often.

DUTA said...

Your property looks lovely. You've got it all: land, river, mountains in the distance.
The photos are awsome! I particularly like the one with the solitary tree with brown leaves.

Cro Magnon said...

I gather my kindling from a nearby patch of chestnut woodland. I gather everything one day, then return the next and gather the same again. There's a constant supply of falling dead wood. Your roofs all look good!

Vera said...

PIONEERPREPPY, I often think that this place was similar to those forts in your part of the world, mostly because we are on the border between the Haute Pyrenees and the Gers, and because there is a river crossing between the two regions just out front of us, which also saw fighting during World War Two according to a sign put up on the bridge crossing the river. It has an ancient feel sometimes, and is very atmospheric, especially when the mists drift across the nearby hills. So... perhaps your intuition is correct.....

EMMA, thank you, but sometimes when we are busy trying to keep the smallholding ticking along we forget to stop and take a look at how lovely it is here!

LISA, it is pretty here, just need to remember that sometimes, especially when things are a bit hectic.

JESSICA, your part of the world is beautiful as well, and we are both so lucky to have such places to live in!

VINTAGE MAISON, thank you, I did enjoy taking them.

KERRY, I don't take the camera out with me either, but the mountains showing themselves in the distance inspired me to yesterday!

DUTA, we feel very blessed to be here, and I agree with you,......that tree is an oak, and because the weather has stayed calm and warm the leaves have not dropped so that when the sun shines through them they shine with a lovely golden glow. There are a lot of oaks here so we have been surrounded with that lovely glow wherever we look.

CRO MAGNON, that is a good idea. I did plan on doing the same but keep forgetting to fit it into the day! As for those roofs...they are new, because when we arrived the roofs were either tumbled down, or just about to!

Dawn McHugh said...

Thank you for sharing your spot on earth, I hope there are n big storms brewing for you, we have been so battered recently I am starting to forget what nice calm days are like, the mist drifting through the hills is called dragons breath here, all part of some old celtic legend :-)

Rhodesia said...

Magical views, I would never get any wok done ;-) Diane

Leon Sims said...

Lovely Pics Vera
Best wishes for the festive season

Vera said...

DAWN, 'dragon's breath'...what a good name for those fronds of mist.....!

DIANE, it is easy to get bogged down with the work that smallholding requires and forget to stop and look at what we have here, but it is the same for everyone I think.... too busy looking everywhere else and not at one's own surroundings!

LEON, thanks, and wishing all good wishes too.