Saturday, 31 October 2015

Still anticipating......

Well the expected storm arrived at our doorstep then sort of wandered off again, so no winds did blow which means that we still have plenty of leaves left on the trees. So I continue to savour this most deliciously beautiful time of the year knowing that soon it we shall be indeed 'nude' of leaves.
Had a couple of late nights, and by 'late' I mean in bed at one in the morning, but by crikey it was worth the vaguely hungover feeling the next day. The first late night was brought about by a super band rehearsal which had me and Lester zinging with enthusiasm as we drove home through lanes which wove through darkened woodlands and fields. But no animals came our way to bump themselves into the car, which is is a stress that after a late band practice we have to stay very watchful as we drive home. And the other late night was last night when we were unexpectedly invited to a meal with our neighbours, which involved good food, lots of wine, and splendid company.
However, and this is going to cause me problems today, I only managed two hours sleep, after which I was woken up with a tune from band practice which would not leave my head. It was no good, the tune refused to budge, so I had to get up, switch the PC on, get  the Noteworthy app opened, and start to get the tune out of my head by writing it onscreen. With relief .....the tune has now been retired from my is a shame, though, that I am absolutely tired out!
Not to worry, I also got an order sorted out on Amazon so am now expecting lots of items to be delivered soon. One of the items is a temperature converter, which is hopefully going to change a newly purchased fridge into a cheese storage container. We were going to get a wine cooler, but they are dreadfully expensive, so we have opted for cheap fridge from our local supermarket, and that should arrive next Wednesday. Also, hopefully, the converter should also be on its way to us, after which we shall have to connect the fridge and converter together.
According to YouTube vids this should not be hard.
The cockerels have been crowing for some time, but the cows are still quiet, so I am off to help Lester rise up from the bed, which might be difficult as he did imbibe a drop or two of wine last night, but I need to get a cup of coffee into him otherwise he might fall asleep on the flanks of the cows as he milks them.
Hope you have a good weekend,
Bye for now,


PioneerPreppy said...

I always find it much harder to get out of bed the closer it gets to Winter. I got all snuggled in this morning and refused to get up cause it was nice and cold out.

And that's without drinking too. I can't imagine what I would do if I drank a bit the night before :)

My Life in the Charente said...

Sounds like fun even if you are tired :-) Enjoy the weekend Diane x

Vera said...

PIONEERPREPPY, getting up is alright for me because I have indoor chores to do, but Lester has to go and sit in a cold barn for at least an hour getting thoroughly chilly while he milks the cows, so he is very reluctant to leave his warm bed!

DIANE, it was good to share two good evenings with friends....hope your weekend is a good one as well.

Janice said...

What a fabulous solution to your cheese problem. I bet you can't wait to get started on the cheese production. Glad to hear you had a couple of nights out and let your hair down a little!

Cro Magnon said...

You can buy a small thingy that you fix onto the front of the car that emits an ultrasound to warn the deer etc that you're coming. My neighbour has one. Those travelling hardware vans usually sell them.

Kerry said...

You do have to be watchful at night. This evening we saw a cute mouse and a deer run across the road in front of us x

DUTA said...

Amazon, You Tube - you're on the right track.
Just try not to skip sleeping hours. Sleep is precious, it does wonders to our mind and body.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Vera, just wanted to see how you are doing with all the goings on? you dont have to post this - i just wanted you to know that i was thinking about you.

LaPré DelaForge said...

Are you still anticipating leaf fall?
Long gap... no post... still raking?
We are!!!!

Vera said...

Thanks to Janice, Cro, Kerry, Duta, OhioFarmGirl, and Tim...... been heavily immersed in sorting things out here, which sort of shut down my mind in regards to writing blogs! Not to worry, here I am, back again, and all thanks to you kind folks who got me going again!