Thursday, 22 October 2015

The cow and the broom......

Out I charged, stopping only to do the straps of my sandals up
(wouldn't do to trip up just now)
out into the courtyard I dashed.
Ah, uno momento, perhaps the broom might come in handy,
ahha, it was still in its normal spot by the front door.
Feeling quite armed, onwards I dashed,
out into the back field where the veg plots and pigs are..
no, no sign...
turned round, now going up the side path towards the front drive....
one cow thundering towards me followed by one very irate husband.
Cows can look very big when they are in a mood, and can pull out of themselves bull ring type ways, like waving their horns and kicking their feet, and hunching their shoulders which makes them look twice as big.
Of course a cow lacks the aggression of a bull, but they still have a ton of attitude and weight, magnified in one's head when one sees such an animal galloping towards one.
At the last minute though, she turned towards the back entrance of the tall barn where the cow pens are housed, but carried on past the doorway to become stopped by the ditch where the future project chicken hut project is supposed to go.
Lester coos to her in the voice he used to get round me when I in a tetchy mood.
She ignores him, as indeed I do sometimes.
She picks up her pace,
into another charge she goes.
Head down, horns pointed in my direction, eyes fixed on mine..
Who will win?
Will she dominate me so that I stand to one side and let her go past me?
Because I have a big green garden broom in my hand,
'Hola' I yell as in the manner of trainee bull fighters,
putting the broom across the front of me
prepared to stand my ground.
It was too much for her,
and she did a quick sideways turn into the doorway of the barn.
One cow now indoors,
the others already in from the field.
Off to band practice now.
Will I manage to play some right notes tonight?
Maybe yes, maybe no,
but I shall have a go,
because that is what you would do if you were me...
jump in at the deep end and 'have a go!'
Bye for now,


rusty duck said...

You go girl. There is nothing a determined woman with a broom handle cannot do.

Cro Magnon said...

Cows can be very stroppy when they feel like it. On the occasions that I've had to round-up a few strays, I've wanted to give them a good slap.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

a victory well won! yay!
ps where was Blue?

Kerry said...

You do have fun times with your animals :) x

Kev Alviti said...

Love the thought of trying to sweet talk the cow like he sweet talks you! My wife tells me and the children off in the same manor and it drives me crazy!

My Life in the Charente said...

I would loved to have been there with a cine camera, great photographic material LOL. Have a good day Diane x

Vera said...

So sorry for being late in responding to all your excuse other than that I have been doing other things and not paying attention to my blogging friends.

JESSICA, yay! Broom handles to the fore!

CRO MAGNON, cows are their own selves, that is what we are finding out!

OHIOFARMGIRL, Blue? Was not allowed to get involved because she would have chased Lissie a million miles down the road!

KERRY, we do have many fun times and wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if we didn't have any animals to keep us on our toes.

KEV, oh bless you.....being 'sweet talked' to can make one feel quite irritated!

DIANE, I would have been fun to video!