Friday, 22 August 2014

Planks, stiffness, concreting still.....

And we are trudging on with the cementing. No camp yesterday, just did house jobs in between filling the concrete mixer......and it was late afternoon when I started turning into a plank...... and I was made to move about as if I was an elderly lady,...... but then I do have a quantity of years behind me, so should not be so surprised when my body reminds me of them. 

..... but, nevertheless, we carried on with getting the kitchen floor done. Only one  section remains undone, which is work for today. Then it is the filling in of the joins tomorrow (Saturday), and then we are finished.  Hooray!!!  Sunday,  being the day of rest for some,  will not be for us, as we head out into the paddocks to get the fencing finished so that the piglets and their mum can get out onto grass.They need to stretch their legs, and the food bill is escalating now the piglets are eating grain, so they need to get onto grass so they can root around and dig holes, a past time which little piggies love. This will also reduce the cost of keeping them.  I have also earmarked Sunday as the day I am going to have a go at sourdough, as inspired by Horst (see his blog in the side bar). all I have to do is get my butt out of this chair, get dressed, and go start that cement mixer, fighting the inclination all the while to catch a nap, preferably back in bed. Lester is out and about getting the animals sorted out for the day, and I know that he is as tired as I am. He is building a handsome set of muscles, though, which are very much appreciated by myself. I am also firming up, and will have benefited from the concreting work once the planky stiffness goes away. All in all, this is a good lifestyle to get one fitter and trimmer, better than going down the gym or vegetating in front of the telly, although vegetating in bed is a very seductive thought at this precise moment.... I need to get going otherwise I shall remain fixed into this chair for the rest of the day, saying bye for now, and hope you have a good day. 



10.30 pm, and it is now the evening of the day. 

..... and despite being cross eyed with tiredness we got that cement mixer going, and the last portion of floor has been laid,
which means that the floor is done,
although the seams need to be filled in,
which is lighter work compared to the rest of the floor. 

We finished just in time to celebrate our efforts,
so it was off to our local winery to get five litres of red wine straight from the vats, 
which cost all of about £5,
and then off the to the local supermarket to buy chocolate among other things,
because we felt the need to pamper ourselves,
which we don't often do,
but then it is not often we concrete a floor!



Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Vera, the floor is looking great, will there be tiles going over the cement? If that whats going to happen then the kitchen floor will look fantastic. Yesterday evening, I finished making rye/barley bread without added yeast and it came out real nice. The bread rose real good until I scored the tops and didn't have time to let it rise again. So the bread is a little denser than normal. I tasted it this morning and it was great. Next time I will add a little gluten for fluffiness. I will use up my old yeast and then use only the sourdough method. I'm sure the more I bake bread the better I will be at it.

rusty duck said...

A brilliant job.

Denise said...

Congratulations! A fine piece of work! Wine and chocolate seem small reward for all the hard work. Surely wine and chocolate AND cake???

The Squirrel Family said...

Well done on completing the mammoth task , wine and chocolate well deserved methinks

I do a sort of cheats sourdough its called Pane casalingo , you start it the night before this blog has the recipe I use on it

northsider dave said...

I know that stiffness feeling and finding aching muscles you didn't think you had, Vera. You feel like you have just gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and yet the brain endorphins and feel good factor of an hard days graft make it all worth while. Well done.

Vera said...

Horst, tiling next!!! I tried scoring the top of bread but the dough only collapses so now I don't, but looking forward to my Sour Dough Project starting off tomorrow.

Jessica, not perfect, but that floor will do for a couple of novices!

Denise, yep, there was some cake hanging around the kitchen!

The Squirrel Family, thanks for the link, and shall have go at that recipe.....

Northsider Dave, you are absolutely right. We are tired, but exhilerated at the same time, the 'feel good factor' being very high at the moment!

Rhodesia said...

You deserve to pamper yourselves after all that. A fabulous job well done. You will wonder what to do with your time once the house is finished LOL. Keep well Diane

Vera said...

Diane, I was thinking the same this morning....what will we do when the house does not need so much of our attention!

Jean said...

Marvellous job!
Red wine and choccies - well deserved!