Saturday, 2 August 2014

Piggy photos.....

Had a bit of a moment just now. Heard a loud beep of a hooter and saw a big white van parked just outside the front gates. My heart lifted........the mattress had arrived at long last. But no, it was the new duvet, ordered from the UK just three days ago via Amazon UK and now it had arrived. The mattress remains somewhere else in France. 

Had a bit of a moment yesterday as well, as I watched all the newly dusted surfaces in the house disappear under a thick layer of dust. Not to worry, my 'bit of a moment' soon went, pushed aside by me telling me head not to be such a wooz, and that this dust was necessary if the plinth, on which the Rayburn stove was to be put but now is not, was to be made narrower by fifteen centimetres so it could become a 'feature' of the kitchen, and not like it shouldn't be there. To have taken out the whole plinth would have be an horrendous task, so we comprised and took a bit of it off. 

But I didn't take a photo shoot of Lester's efforts at the time because he can get a bit tetchy about me taking photos when he is doing things, so here is the end result. Not much to look at, but it will look OK when the kitchen is finished. How do I know? Because a sort of intuitive photo of the finished kitchen has arrived in my head, the same as it did with the floor tiles, which have arrived and make my heart sing when I look at them, although I do not a clue as to what colours I am to put with them. Not to worry, they were the right ones to get because my intuition told me that they were, although my head argued against my intuition, saying that 'normal' terracotta tiles would be best. But my intuition conquered my head, and I am glad it did. 

......couldn't finish this blog as we had a conveyor belt of thunder storms for the rest of the is now the morning after..... (we have to switch the Internet off because we have overhead power cables which are vulnerable to lightning strike. Should we become struck, then the computers could blow up through the lightning generated electrical force. OOOOOerrr, wouldn't want that to happen...might singe my hair and give us a fright....)

So, the morning after:

Message to self: If a sneeze is imminent, then best to walk quickly away from the piggy pen and let the sneeze happen at a distance from it. Big sneezes can make little piggies jump almost out of their skin.

Message to self: Do not get into a fret next time  you see the piglet hooligans squeeze under the gate between Mum Pig and Dad Pig's pens. Dad Pig remains quite calm about having them running round under his feet, and you can now dispel all fears about him regarding them as fodder for his food table. There will come a time when they can no longer squeeze beneath the gate, by which time Dad Pig would have probably lost patience with them anyway. 


....and Lissie waiting patiently for her calf to arrive....



Horst in Edmonton said...

Those little piggies sure are cute. I bet it is a little on the noisy side around the pig pen.

Niall & Antoinette said...

What cute piglets :-)
..... but at the same time I do find myself thinking yum ... bacon sandwich!

Fingers crossed your mattress arrives soon. You can order mattresses from Amazon UK ...but .... not all types can be shipped so your choice is more limited.

rusty duck said...

Yay! Gorgeous little piggies.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

The piglets are very cute. I would stop eating pork if I had these little fellows running around my garden.

I can certainly relate to unwelcome dust after having just spent hours cleaning, goods being lost in the French postal & courier systems and some renovation hiccups (as well as some mighty disasters). However, after falling in love with our house and village in France, we keep returning from the other side of the globe for some more French adventures. What is the definition of a masochist?
Warm regards.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

as a midwest american i can truthfully say that you have the best words EVER. message to self: determine to use the phrase "piglet hooligans" and "wooz" in today's conversations. thanks for the pig pix, Vera! they look delicious.

Rhodesia said...

Fabulous photos, I do love pigs especially when they are so tiny.
Sorry the mattress has still not arrived. We have never had problems with Amazon deliveries, Fr or UK but then we have never ordered anything as big as a mattress!
Hope it soon arrives. Yes we also have to turn all off if there are storms around. Keep well Diane

Vera said...

Horst, it does get a bit noisy when they are having a fight to see who is top honcho!

Niall & Antoinette, in the back of our minds we think 'bacon sandwich' as well!

Jessica, gorgeous indeed!

Elizabeth, ah, but if we did not eat pork then they wouldn't be here for us to 'ooh and aahhh' over!
And a masochist is someone who loves to carry on when things get tough!

OhioFarmGirl, and 'delicious' is the right word, because they will be just that when they become pork!

Diane, I have never had problems with Amazon deliveries either, but this is the first time we have ordered from Amazon France, and possibly it will be the last, and we shall go back to using Amazon UK! Hope you are continuing to enjoy your 'quite time' from blogging. Vx

Fred said...

Lovely to see you both on Saturday. Pigs are gorgeous! Fancy popping over for a bite to eat sometime?

Rob-bear said...

Such swine photography. Continued good luck with your small farm.

A la prochaine!

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Vera said...

Fred, just give us a call and we shall be straight over!

Rob-bear, hi, and thanks for stopping by.