Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mum Piggy's udders

Gosh, but Mum Piggy is getting a full tank of milk on board, as can be seen by ever increasing udders. Tonight, perhaps, if not, then soon.

It has been a strange day today. One of those days when one feels spaced out. Both of us felt this same spacey feeling. I do not think it is because of the little drop of wine we had last night. But the weather is chilly at the moment, (around 20C which is considered quite cold here) so perhaps our bodies are missing the sun. Or it might be because we have had a busy week. Or it might just be that we needed to have a stop day. Anyway, it has been a strange, 'spaced out' type of day.

New mattress ordered from Amazon France this morning, but it will not arrive for another two weeks, which means staying on the settees for a while yet. Not to worry, our backs are not complaining too much about the awkward sleeping positions that the settees requires us to lay in.

Rottweiller girls spaced out as well today. Spent the day tucked in around Lester as he played chess on his computer.

It was raining outside, and sometimes, just sometimes, it is necessary  to stop. That is what the girls thought, and so did Lester. Meanwhile, I pottered about but mostly I watched vids. As I say, sometimes, just sometimes, one has to stop. 

It is another day tomorrow. Perhaps we shall have got out mojo back. And perhaps little piggies might have been born.

Bye for now,



rusty duck said...

It is definitely a good idea to stop occasionally and what better than a rainy day.
I've contemplated sofa sleeping myself when the snoring is bad. Trouble is, sofa is directly below bedroom, I'd still hear it but wouldn't be able to kick..
Please post piglet pics!

northsider dave said...

Will you grow vegetables next year in the area the pigs have cleared? Hope your mattress arrives soon.

Niall & Antoinette said...

We're in the same mode here. Chilly, [rain again] and simply mooching round the house. If it wasn't July, and I refuse on principle, I'd light the wood burner for cheer and to dispel the dank "feeling" you get on days like this. Feels more like October!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

my worst thing is taking a break.. i cant seem to do it. there is always something that needs to be done. i'm trying to be better about having a "stop." i can tell you that yesterday was weird for everyone. we had the "super" moon... or the superduper bad moon as i was calling it. everyone lost their minds and was very out of sorts. i hope everyone is back on track today.

Vera said...

Jessica, we have trouble with snoring here, but it is me! Lester, however, seems not to be disturbed by my noise, but when I my daughter was driven to sleeping in the bath tub in the bathroom when I went on holiday with her a few years ago!

Northsider Dave, that is the plan! Get the pigs to rotovate the plot, then plant veg. Trouble is, that our adult pigs are lazy so tend not to do much digging, but little ones (who should be arriving soon) will dig like crazy!

Niall & Antoinette, I don't mind too much the chilly weather because we do have so many days of sunshine throughout the year, but if I was in the UK I would be fretting dreadfully about the summer days slipping by without any sun!

OhioFarmGirl, you treasure! So that is why we were feeling spaced out yesterday - it was the moon!! As for taking a break, I am just as bad as you are. But I think it is better to be busy than not!

Rhodesia said...

The weather here is also rubbish, well past time for summer to arrive properly! Fingers crossed that all will go well for Mum and piglets. Keep well Diane

Vera said...

Thanks, Diane

Mizumatte said...

Oh piglets, When I was Young my grandparents in Finland had a farm and everytime they got some babyanimals I took the buss from town to see them. I hope you'll get many healthy piglets. Love Jaana