Saturday, 26 July 2014

Just got back from fishing

I have indeed been fishing,
but not in lots of water,
as in the river or out on the ocean, 
but in a little bit of water,
as in a pot:

And no fishing line, nor twine, nor bait did I need,
just my  holed spatula thingy.
And neither were there any fish to be had,
just bits of bones,.... 

.....which were nestling in amongst other bits,
like morsels of meat, bits of veg, bay leaves, etc.

So, what had I been up to?
Still continuing to move the meat into canning jars from our three almost full freezers,
and this pot was the result of combining several freezer bags of lamb backbone,
which were then slow cooked for endless hours yesterday afternoon,
and then left to cool down overnight, still in its juices. 

Normally I would lift the meat out, 
then add wholemeal pasta to the liquid,
which would then go to Bools, Maz, and Blue for breakfast.
However, this particular pot of juice was sooooo full of bits of meat,
and soooooo looking like it was going to taste yummy,
that I decided to keep it.

My plan:
Add green split peas, 
the remainder of last year's dehydrated veggies,
and any hot seasonings I can find,
cook for an hour,
add meat I have salvaged from the bones,
cook for a little while longer,
do some rice,
deliver unto Lester his lunch of rice and the end product of the pot cook.
The rest of this pot goes into jars,
via my All American Canner. 

I recently canned a jar of leftover curry,
and on a day when dinner was going to be only a sandwich,
because other things were happening here,
I opened that curry.
Took 20 minutes to heat through,
the same time as it took the rice to cook.
Et voila! DIY fast food!

During my 'fishing for bones' activity,
the chickens were, as usual, in close attendance,
as were the dogs,
but I have to do food prep work outside,
because the house is too dusty,
and I do not have a proper kitchen as yet,
but somehow I manage to persevere with doing smallholder jobs,
like jamming, dehydrating, preserving, canning, 
and standing on my  head
feeling like I am going round in circles,
meanwhile closely watched by creatures of fur and feather!

Off to see what I can do with that pot,
so au revoir for the moment.


Denise said...

Well, I AM disappointed, Vera. From the title of your post I was expecting to see a lovely photo of you, dressed like Huckleberry Finn in shorts and floppy hat, with your legs dangling off the side of your bridge, trailing a fishing rod into your river. No trout for tea, then? Xx

Vera said...

No, we don't 'do' fish!

Vera said...

No, we don't 'do' fish!