Sunday, 9 March 2014


It has been necessary to expose the knees,
and a portion of the legs below the knees,
but not above.
The reason?
A whoppingly warm and sunny day,
and Lester putting forth the suggestion,
as I went off to play the piano for a local church service,
that perhaps it would be a good idea,
when I returned home,
to get on with doing the fencing,
I, in my 'clean going-out' gear,
thought 'not',
that it would be a good idea to do nothing,
it being Sunday,
and therefore a day of rest.
And a little goat was born in the sunshine,
out in the field,
and a little chick,
one of three hatchlings,
was stood upon and done onto death
by the feet of his mum,
and gently roasted in the sunshine,
until we had the time to pick it up,
and take it down the woods,
for other beings to eat,
and Lissie did a 'Look at me I've got horns'
as she play fought with Billy Goat,
out in the field,
in the sunshine.
And my knees, but not my thighs, saw the light of day,
the first time this year,
as I sat and did my knitting,
in my shorties,
in between helping Lester
do the fencing.
Hope your week ahead is a good one.


rusty duck said...

Warm here too.. goodness, I'd forgotten what that felt like! If my shorts were not still packed in a box awaiting the appropriate season I'd have done the same.
Dare I get them out, that's the thing.

Vera said...

Jessica, I never did pack my shorts away from last year! Oh go on, get a pair of shorts might be sunny tomorrow as well!

rosaria williams said...

So good to see the sun! I do admire all the work you do and pray you get Sunday off!

Zimbabwe said...

The weather has been amazing hasn't it. I actually went out for a ride on my bike today and did just over 20kms. My legs felt a bit wobbly on my return but seem to be OK now. I am sure that we will get another wet and cold spell though before we are done! Keep well Diane

Vera said...

Rosaria, the sun sure does lift the spirits! And we do get to have a rest occasionally!

Diane, well done you for getting on your bike again. I would love to get on my bike again but it has a puncture so at the moment I can't ride....and that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!