Saturday, 29 March 2014

'I've got me a tracky' he said......


It has been long discussed, and long awaited,
and it has come.

....and it is doing the job, slow to be sure, but it is working.
Which is more that what can be said for my new Panasonic Lumix FZ200 camera,
because as you can see,
the photos are really, really naff.
It must be me.
The photos are fantastic when uploaded onto my PC.
All I have done so far is point and shoot.
Wow! Ace! And I haven't investigated what else it can do.
But the photos are not uploading properly onto the blog.
Anyone have any ideas?
Lester is out ploughing,
I am mowing with my new gadget...

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you,
it is indeed a little hand lawn mower.
I was going to get a lightweight Flymo,
but was persuaded to buy otherwise by customer comments on Amazon.
What with wrestling with the bellows of my accordion,
and pushing my new bit of kit,
my arms and chest muscles should improve.
So where am I mowing?
I am going to try and take control of my 'front garden',
which was sort of under control three years ago,
but has not been since,
mostly because I have been diverted elsewhere on the land,
in the veg plot mostly.
But now Lester has his tracky and he is Veg Plot Head Honcho.
I have the time,
to do battle out front.
But what I should be doing at the moment instead of chatting with you
is shifting my temporary kitchen to back where it was before it got where it is now.
Doesn't make sense?
It will do in time!
But hey! We are on the way to getting the Rayburn installed,
and we have a new cooker coming for the summer months.
It might be,
that sometime this year, or next year perhaps,
oh but anyway,
we are on our way with getting the kitchen sorted out.
I have to get everything out of the kitchen
and set up a temporary kitchen in the food storage area.
This is the seventh time I have shifted my 'kitchen'
in the last six years.
Here is the one of the 'kitchens'
it is in the 'dining room'.
...and another,
this is in the gazebo,
which was our second 'kitchen'
....and here is the one I am emptying out.
(please excuse the stripped pig on the table)

.... what will I do with myself when I finally have a 'proper' kitchen!

And the last three photos were taken by a cheapo camera!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


northsider dave said...

Great little tractor. We are tractor and digger mad on our smallholding here in Ireland. do you get rust in France? We do.

The Broad said...

It must feel like Christmas!

Vera said...

Northsider Dave, rust does not seem to be a major problem here, possibly because we have a lot of sunshine which quickly dries up any dampness. The paint on our car has broken open down to bare metal and that is showing no signs of rust yet although the damage is a couple of years old.
Hope your polytunnel is coming along OK.

The Broad, it does feel like Christmas for Lester! And me, because now he is taking control of the veg plot!

rusty duck said...

He looks chuffed to bits with it. And so he might. What fun!
It will save you so much hard graft too. Says she with feeling, holding aching back, after dragging more rootballs around the place this afternoon..

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

As the saying goes "all good thing come to those who wait" . By your accounts your finished kitchen will be well deserved and fantastic.
My husband has tractor envy as he has had his eye on one of these compact tractors for many years. Our old 1949 Massey is too big and unreliable for our needs. Warm regards.

John Gray said...

Is that pig asleep?

When you wrote trackie
I thought he had gone all Chavez and bought a track suit!

Vera said...

Jessica, oh I do hope your back is Ok today. I am quite relieved not to have to wrestle with the veg plot this year so that I can focus on working on my front garden. I do need to get amongst flowers again!

Elizabeth, ah men and tractors!

John, the soul of the pig was with the angels! Lester does have a tracksuit but definitely does not look 'Chavez', mostly because it is covered in farm muck within minutes of him wearing it!

Denise said...

Lovely tractor, Vera! I bet Lester is thrilled! And I am glad that headway is being made towards full kitchenhood. (I did feel a bit icky at the picture of the pig on the table though. But then I find that the smell of any meat cooking these days makes my stomach turn.) xxx

Tim said...

what is the problem?
All the pix look fine on my machine...
sharp and clear...
I see no difference twixt old and new cameras... 'cept, perhaps, the first three look sharper and more contrasty...
if, however, you are having problems while uploading, it could be due to picture size.
Pauline and I try to keep the pix for "Aigronne Valley Wildlife" and "De la bonne bouffe" down to 500mb maximum.
We are, probably like yourselves, at the end of the communications lines, and have found that small is good!!

I spent yesterday re-cutting the paths on the meadow with the two-wheel tractor...
today I rake, and it is already 15 Centipedes out there, and we are way, way north of you...
but, good luck with the pushme-pullyou in the front garden...
I'll stick with the ride-on and the tractee!!

Jean said...

He looks deservedly chuffed.
That pig took me by surprise. I think because it's so big. Not what you expect to see on the kitchen table - mostly anyway !!
A Victoria sponge would have been less surprising !!

Vera said...

Tim, you gem! Thanks for letting me know that the photos are looking alright, and thanks as well for the info about the file size.
It sounds like you have a walk behind tractor. Lester thought long and hard about getting one of those or a compact tractor, but we thought that the compact would be a more versatile. Actually, after an hour with the pushme-pullme I was having a rethink about the effort it takes to mow, but the first cut is always hard work so will persevere!

Jean, you made me laugh! The table in our kitchen has all manner of things put on it during the day, but not a Victoria sponge because the table is low enough for our rottweiller girls to munch on anything edable!

Rhodesia said...

Think Tim has made pretty much all the comments I would have made. I use auto almost all the time on my Nikon as my brain cannot take in all the fancy settings especially if I want to take something quickly before it vanishes. All my photos are small it also make for easier backup and space.

You sound as if you are both having lots of fun with the new items of work! Take care Diane

Tim said...

Vera, yes, we have a two-wheel tractor that ploughs...
with the plough attachment...
cuts the grass, Allen-scythe style, with the 53" cutter bar....
and processes branches up to 3" with the broyeur.

All imported from the UK...
but made by Ferrari...
so I walk behind the slowest Ferrari on earth...

A friend, just across the Claise from us has the same machine...
so we share equipment...
but I haven't yet tried his rotavator.
Soil still far to stony!

Vera said...

Tim, I use a scythe to cut the grass, which is then given to the pigs to eat. It is great for keeping my back supple, but is an effort sometimes. I think we made the right decision in getting a compact tractor rather than a walk behind. Both have their pros and cons, and I suspect that Lester would prefer to have both!