Sunday, 21 April 2013

To the woods!

Been out in the woods today with Lester, playing 'let's thwack our way up the Amazon'. OK, that is an exaggeration, because our woods are titchy, and it was not that hot, and there were no mosquitos about because it is too early in the season although no doubt it is going to be a hell of a year for mozzies because of the wet and mild winter but not at the moment.

So what were we doing messing about in the woods? Cutting a path so we can get to the river bank, that's what we were doing. And why would we want to be making a path? So Lester can carry the electric pump down to the river's edge so we can get water from there to the veg plots.

....and ssshhhhh! Don't tell a soul because we aren't supposed to 'borrow' the river water because the river authorities say we can't unless we have a license, but since the river 'borrows' our land to flow over when it is carrying too much water, I think it is only fair that we avail ourselves of the water on offer when we need it.

However, it being Sunday, within a few yards of the water's edge a lethargy hit us, dwindling away our pep and vim, rendering us useless to carry on, so off to bed we went, and that was us finished for the day. Ah well, start again tomorrow.

PS. All potatoes in. Onions and garlic in. Four rows of sugar beet in. Flower seeds round edge of plot were in but are now residing in the digestive tracts of the ***** chickens, who did a raid on the veg plot whilst we were having our afternoon nap. One hen now gone broody and sitting on eggs in the portable once upon a time rabbit run. The other 'broody' hen went off the idea of sitting on a pile of eggs after one day, so those eggs are now indoors. Lucy the cat is now practising her survival skills after pouncing on, but not managing to completely overwhelm, a wood pigeon. Blue the rottweiller puppy and sister to Maz, is in disgrace after developing a passion for chasing, and almost catching, hens. 

Hope you had a restful Sunday, and hope you have a good week ahead......


John Gray said...

I haven't even put my potatoes in yet!

Vera said...

John, some of the first ones planted have already started coming up. Hope we don't have a late frost!

Tom Reeves said...

Sounds great fun! Will definitely need to come down in the summer. Liv (the girlfriend) said that she'd like to see the place too. The Pyrenees were fantastic. Must Skype soon.

rusty duck said...

I've got my earlies in... rest to follow.

Sympathise re flower seeds. The pheasants are driving me mad. I have few flowers because as soon as one opens it finds itself similarly relocated to digestive tract. And I can't cover the whole garden in chicken wire!

Vera said...

Tom, would love to see you both..... hopefully speak soon. Keep the blog going!

Jessica, at least our chickens don't fly up in the air and over the fencing, all they do is find a hole to scramble through so they can raid the veg plot!

Rhodesia said...

We had the local free pensioner's repas so feeling a little tired today.
Some of my potatoes are also coming up and we did have a mild frost yesterday morning!!

Have a good week. Diane

The Broad said...

Hope you had a lovely resteful lazy Sunday afternoon... I so wish we'd get some pleasantly warm weather here! Alas and alack! I shall probably have to wait until August -- when I'm once again in France!

Denise said...

Out with the insect repellant, Vera! We were down at the allotment at the weekend (shallots in, weeds up) and I got mozzied. Twice!

Happy Amazonianing!

From Spotty Denise x

Vera said...

Diane, hope your potatoes didn't get frost bite! We haven't had any late frosts but I am sure that one will arrive before the winter is thoroughly over and done with, just hope that the potatoes stay Ok after all the work that has gone into getting them into the ground!

The Broad, yes, we do get a lot of sun here, and so suffer more when we have patches of bad weather! Spoilt, that's what we are!

Denise, vinegar works a treat on bites, even wasp stings. Got stung by a sleeping wasp the other day, crikey it was a spiteful sting, but a quick slosh of vinegar and within a moment or two all sign of the sting was gone!