Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ah and so the snow doth falleth

And about time too! With the UK, and most of France having had their share of the inclement weather, it is now time for us to have a portion. OK. Done. Now the sun can come out and we will be back to normal! 

Was supposed to have a trip to Pau today. Out with the girls I was going, having given up with trying to get Hubs to evacuate Labartere for longer than an hour, him having a continual worry that someone horrid would come and do a raid on the contents of our house, which is open to all what with having no doors, or windows, and only a couple of wrought iron gates to deter would-be trespassers but since they are never locked anyway, they are not much of a deterrent.  

So: an invite by a new French friend, Francoise, who does much in the way of making me review my mode of attire, her always being in arty clothes and looking très chic no matter the hour of the day or the manner of the weather, so much so that I am knitting myself a lacy pink scarf. Well I have to start somewhere. I mean, if I am going to review my image of mucky boots, elderly cotton trousers, ancient knitted cardis, dull coloured fleeces, hair scunched up out of the way because of lack of showering facilities, and general farm-girl appearance, then knitting a nice lacy scarf should start getting me sorted out. 

Played the piano yesterday. Not a proper piano, though. An electric one. My proper piano was donated to the removal men it being too cumbersome an article to park up under tarpaulins. It would have rotted anyway. It was on its way to rotting in the UK. 

There was a church in the UK, out on the marshes of the Isle of Sheppey, in North Kent. It had no electrics, or running water, no road leading up to it, only a farm track, but it had an organ. A pedal organ. One which was pumped with air, by hand, so that voice could be given to it. Once a month, for the Sunday service, I played that organ. And pedalled it. At the same time. It was wheezy organ. By the time we had got to the last verses of the hymns, the organ and me would be joyfully wheezing along together, the old keys being stiff and needing some pushing down to move themselves into action puffed out my top half, whilst my two feet would be pumping away on the foot pump which puffed out my bottom half. Meanwhile, the organ gradually got puffed out the more it was pushed into action, it wanting to really, really, stop forever. 

In the end it was too much effort, so it was allowed to do just that. And I purchased an electronic keyboard, which produced the sound of an organ admirably well, and minus the squeaks and puffs which accompanied its predecessor. A perfect sound, if a bit soulless. Anyway: that is what was unpacked yesterday. And I got to have a wonderful hour of messing about on the keyboard. Hubs said that he had got me all back. Bless. 

It will do for the time being. But you still can't beat an actual piano for being able to evacuate all those pent up emotions. You can really make a piano talk. An electric keyboard, even if touch sensitive, is not so willing to oblige. And here is my temporary music room:

So no going out exploring France today. Looks like it will be an indoors day, of PC work, of knitting, of snuggling up because it's cold outside, and I oh so hope that you have a lovely snuggly day as well if the weather is not so good where you are, and for those of you having a sunny day, well when you are roasting away, just spare a thought for those of us who aren't! Thanks.


Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

I was just hearing about the snow from other friends in the Southwest. Keep warm!

Vera said...

Thankyou Almost Lost, it's not too bad, and we are tucked in. Hope you are keeping warm too.

Roz said...

I wish I could play an instrument - I haven't got the patience to learn. I can sing though and hubby plays the drums. We have a kit in the bedroom - imagine that! He normally goes and plays it whilst I watch tv. One day it will have it's own room but that is way down on the list of priorities!! Keep warm and snug. We have decided mulled wine is the way to go!!

DUTA said...

So now you're a musician too- a piano player. Well you're a multi talented lady. Francoise is going to turn you into a very chic lady, I understand. Good luck with both music and fashion!

Vera said...

No, I am not multi-talented, Duta, I just mention things I can do! There's loads I can't! I am not sure about going 'chic' either. In my head I think I would like to, but the reality is that leading a busy life is likely to keep me with the 'farm-girl' look!
Thanks for the best wishes, though. They are always much appreciated.

Roz: A kit of drums in situ! You are a wild pair (just read your blog about sledging in a bath tub being pulled by a 4x4!) But I am sure you have great fun singing away to the beat of the drum, sipping mulled wine meanwhile!

Nathalie said...

Oh wow, I feel I have the easy life compared to you. Your music room is quite a sight!
Keep the spirits up, winters can be harsh here but they're not very long.

Vera said...

Thanks Nathalie. This is our second winter here, so we know that the winters are nowhere near as long as in the UK. And that sun! When it shines, which is frequently, it is so full of warmth. Gives one the energy to cope with the colder weather.
Thanks for leaving a comment, I much appreciate it. And your photos are lovely.

RainyWest said...

Ah yes the snow is all around and has arrived at your doorstep too! Ireland has more icy roads than snow which is causing some mayhem. My father (RIP) by coincidence was a piano tuner by trade. He particularly loved those old church organs. Stay warm!

Vera said...

Ah, so your father was familiar with those lovely old pipes, RW! I loved that old organ, it had such a character. The electronic is very clever and does loads of interesting stuff, but it still does not have the passion that a piano has, even if is in desperate need of a tune.
Hope you stay warm, and all the best for 2010.

Vera said...

RW, have just read your blog, and your news that your father has recently passed away. Sending you blessings and much love for this difficult start to 2010.

Renee said...

I hope that you are warm enough Vera.


Vera said...

Thanks Renee.

Julie said...

I agree with some of those comments, Vera. If your "music room" is anything to go by, then please rug up! The shot of the tent through the doorway does not warm me up either. When we have finished with the summer warmth over here we will start to give it back to you, say in 8 - 10 weeks time.

Take care.

Vera said...

Hi Julie, you are right - soon we will be starting to head towards the warmer weather. Half way through January already, so time is marching on.
Read your Riff blog every day although don't always stop to leave a comment. Keep it up! They are interesting reads!

Ron said...

It looks cold!!! Brrrr!!
I didn't get a chance to read your entire post because I'm short for time and I'm extremly exhausted after a day of shooting, but I did just wanted to drop by and say hello and see how you were doing. I hope you're well, my friend.

Talk soon,

Vera said...

Ron, thanks for visiting, albeit for a short time. I don't always have the time to write responses to other people's blogs, so I am appreciative of you leaving a quick response. Hope you are enjoying the new shoot! Stay warm. God bless.