Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Shall we get up, or not, today?

With earnest enthusiasm I woke at 5am this morning, determined to get a couple of hours on my PC doing some writing.

One toe went out of the bed, exploring where best to put the rest of its family of toes. This is not an easy thing to do in the small space of our caravan. To get out of the bed-area, one has to wiggle oneself sideways, then gently put one's foot on the floor, hopefully not using Bools, our Springer dog, as a mat.

He sleeps on his bed in the gap between cooker and chair. It is a small gap. There is not much space for feet and dog. Sometimes there is a bit of a tangle, normally good humoured.

Anyway, this morning out from the bedcovers my toe did go. To promptly reverse its direction. The reason? It was FREEZING cold! All thoughts of writing disappeared. Staying in a warm bed became paramount.

Now I think that it is good to make comparisons with other people worse of than oneself. It has a cheering up effect, like sitting infront of a warm fire.

Now I know that most people think that they are better off than us. Not many people would entertain the thought of living in a caravan during the winter, especially down near the Pyrenees where the drop in temperature can be severe.

So I know that we cheer other people up because not many people are doing what we are doing.

To cheer me up, who is worse off than us? Well, I have just heard of a couple who are living in a shepherd's hut in the mountains, with no connected running water, no electricity, and no roof. Apparently they get through half dozen or so tarpaulins per winter, which they use to cover the roof of the hut.

At least we have running water, when it doesn't freeze. And we do have electricity, although we can't have the fire and the kettle on at the same time. We either have a hot drink and get cold for a bit while the kettle boils. Or we stay thirsty but warm. However, we do have electricity.

Ah, but we are living under tarpaulins as well.

BUT we have a caravan roof in between us and the tarp. So, on balance, we are fractionally better off!

The spirit of endurance runs high between us and those brave folk in their mountain home!

As for this morning, we all stayed snuggly wrapped up for three more hours. I thought about my writing, but didn't do any.

At least I thought about it, which is better than going back off to sleep!

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