Friday, 11 September 2020

Sale crashed, and French kissing.

 And so the news came through from the estate agent handling the sale of our farm in France, that the people hoping to buy it had received news that the people who were buying their house had pulled out of their sale. 

Oh well, it is as it is. 

Lester hoped to get down to France to collect some of  our possessions, like: winter clothing, musical instruments, sewing machine and craft equipment, writing notebooks, etc.......all our personal possessions,  but no furniture, which we have written off, and left in the house. but the French government is introducing stricter Covid rules today which means that it is unlikely that he will be able to go. It is all very unsettling. 


Meanwhile, the Village Hall in Stanton might be opening for a monthly ladies 'cup of tea, chat, and craft' morning next month, but with masks on. Not sure I want to sit for an hour or so breathing in my own carbon dioxide, although I did think of making a crochet mask which will get the oxygen into my lungs because of the open weave of the fabric.  I got the idea of a crochet mask when I saw someone wearing one when I was having a coffee in the Town Hall in Wem, and thought 'Now that is a good idea', but I am thinking that a woollen mask might be alright for keeping the face warm in the coldest of winter days, but it might be too hot other times, as in centrally heated shops. I think I might have to rethink that idea.


France is a very kissy-kissy nation, with everyone kissing everyone on both cheeks, even partial strangers. Having a tall, swarthy, black curly haired, Spanish/French builder man leaning towards me to give me a kissy-type of greeting was quite acceptable,  but there were occasions when it felt too invasive of my personal space. And female to female kissy greetings never felt quite right. Then there was the problem of which side of the cheek to plant the kissy salutation. Often there would be a mild bumping of noses when both of you misjudged the direction of the other. 

Then there were the times when you didn't feel like kissy-kissying a particular person, and the last thing you wanted to do was get close to them, and most times they felt the same.  So then there would be a stretching of the necks towards each other, but a holding back of the bodies so a respectable distance was kept between you  while the kissy-kissy salutation was done, which was a most ungainly stance for both participants. 

But it is the French culture, so it is as it is, but I am wondering how the people of France are managing in this time of the Covid face masks, which must be hurting the psychology of the population. As lock down began there was a cessation of this habit of kissing others, which for me was a relief. While it was a novelty in the beginning of our time in France, I did start regarding it as a bit of a faff, and eventually I started holding myself back and began extending my hand to give a handshake instead, which is a much more British way of doing things!

Have got some photos to show you but they are still in my new camera phone and I have yet to learn how to download them. Technology! It just seems to get more and more advanced as time goes by,  and has me chasing after it like I am chasing a runaway horse! 

Bye for now



DUTA said...

There's a rise in covid-19 cases in France at the moment, so Lester will have to postpone his visit there.
Wearing a mask in our hot climate is quite a problem. However, I see myself wearing one even if the virus vanishes, as I think it would be efficient against the flu. even more than the vaccine.

Vera said...

DUTA: Thanks for your comment.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

This may be the most delightful blog title every Vera.

I truly loathe selling houses: it takes too long and too much can go wrong. Hopefully something else will slide into place quickly.

northsider said...

I look forward to seeing the photos. Good luck with your future plans Vera.

Vera said...

TOIRDHEALBHEACH BEUCAIL: Thanks ....the blog title was supposed to be about the failure of the sale of the house in France, but the second part (French kissing) .....well....I don't know where that came sort of arrived!
'Improvise, adapt, overcome'..... as in your previous comment to my recent blog, and that is what we are doing!

NORTHSIDER DAVE: I think a blog without photos can be a but tame, so will carry on the learning of the photo downloading technology! Thanks for wishing us luck. It will be alright in the end!

Rosalea said...

I thought it was rough, leaving our possessions in storage for the house showings and before our big move. I can't imagine having to leave them in another country! My British genes cringe at the 'kissy' thing! The crochet mask would have to be lined to be any good, wouldn't it?

Vera said...

ROSALEA: Thanks for your comment...... I shall not line my mask. After all, I need oxygen to breath, not the recycled carbon dioxide from my lungs, which is toxic.

Meanqueen said...

This is not French kissing as I remember it from my teenage years, ha ha.

Vera said...

MEANQUEEN: Thankyou for visiting......I also have memory from past times!

Rhodesia said...

Everyone here seems to be mostly touching elbows now or blowing a kiss! I made cotton masks with a lining in that we can take out and wash. They are fairly cool and they are the regulation 3 thicknesses. So sorry to hear about the house sale, not good. Also the 24-day quarantine, makes life difficult for you.
Keep safe and take care Diane

Vera said...

DIANE: It is like that here, but in the towns seem to be more 'obeying rules'! I, for one, keep a social distance when out in public and I think that that is enough to keep me away from any coughs, colds, flu, or Covid. We work from home so quarantines do not make any difference to us, thank goodness. Hope you and your partner keep well.