Friday, 7 February 2020

Change comes knocking!

Ticking along, that is what we were doing....

And then come the day when Change came knocking, so for a while we shall be in a transitional stage while Change re-positions us. Then Change will evaporate away and we shall then start ticking along again. 

I shall probably not have time to blog much during the coming months because Change will consume all of my time and energy, so to say that I am still here, and shall tell you all about what has happened when it has happened!

Bye for now,

In love and light

Vera x


local alien said...

May your change run smoothly . I see you have changed the title of your blog. You will need all your energy!!

DUTA said...

The main thing is for you two to thoroughly consider all the aspects of the upcoming change, to avoid unwanted surprises.
Wishing you Best of Luck!

Vera said...

LOCAL ALIEN: I could do with a couple of extra buckets of energy at the moment!

DUTA; Thanks Duta, such wise words, and ones which I am taking notice of.

Janice said...

I sense big changes afoot. The blog name change being a big clue. I hope everything works out the way you want. Take care.

Mama Pea said...

Change is never easy even when it is a good change! Sending you buckets of new, enthusiastic energy across the ocean. You will be able to do everything you have to do. Looking forward to hearing from you with news when it's the right time!

Rhodesia said...

Hope all goes well and good luck for whatever the change might be. When you return please change the font, I am finding this very difficult to read, Good luck, Diane

Jean said...

Having read your comment on Tommo's blog I now understand and am relieved that nothing terrible has happened. Good luck, it will require a herculean effort and stamina to do it. I feel there is a right time for all of us and before we are too worn out is a good start.

Vera said...

JANICE, we are in Big Change times indeed! Keeping faith that everything will work out alright!

MAMA PEA, thank you.

RHODESIA, the font was the one which came with the Google graphics I used for the page, but I shall change all that when the change is done with.

JEAN, you are absolutely right in all that you say. Thanks.