Saturday, 6 April 2019

Sun up!

After another night of heavy rain, the clouds shift over to let the sun come through.....

....but the cloud pattern only allowed for certain parts of the land to be shone upon.

The  far end of our main field receiving the sun's rays.....

.... and the hill in front of our farm receiving of a soaking of sunshine, 
but with the cherry tree,  nearing the end of its blossom time, in the foreground and still waiting for its dose of warmth.

The weather held steady for most of the plum and cherry blossom time, but has become unsettled now the apple blossom has just started. Not to worry, it is as it is, and what harvest we do have, despite the heavy overnight rainfall we have been having which could damage the newly fertilised blossoms, we shall be grateful for. 

All is well. 

Bye for now,


Just to let you know that the YouTube vlogs are now on our sister blog: The Psychic Craftswoman. The link can be found on the top of the side bar.

Latest Vlogs are: 

10th March 2019
The Psychic Craftswoman does a peeve....

After a good night's sleep I woke up with a surprising peeve on me. Here's how I got rid of it, but please forgive the appearance of my early morning self. It did improve during the following hours...

16th March 2019
Making the fleece jacket: Part 2

Finally....I have made a start on the fleece, which has been my first project on my quest to get my fabric stash reduced in size.

I have made a fifteen day plan of attack, and have documented my progress. 
This video covers the first part of my efforts at getting Lester's fleece made. 

20th March 2019
The Psychic Craftswoman does his fleece: Part 3

Now starting to sew the fleece together, and it proving not an easy task because of lack of instructions, the work sheet belonging to the paper pattern having been lost since I last used it. This is proving more of a problem than I had originally anticipated, but not to worry, we are carrying on with the make anyway.

30th March 2019
Fleece done.....Onwards?

Sharing with you my pleasure at having the fleece jacket done! 
....and taking you on a quick trip to my village,
...... and my ongoing crochet shawl project.

4th April 2019
Crafting Update: 1

Rushing in from chasing the young calves around the field so we could get them inside the barn for the night, I had a short time to post a video while Lester was busy with milking Bonnie and Lissie, which is why I was short of breath and soggy. (It was raining)

So this is my first crafting update and includes my sock pile: flat or magic loop knitting. A jumper in the making. Tackling a pile of half made pinnies. Making a pinny for bramble work. Finishing my first crochet shawl. Recycling Lester's old work shirt without him knowing the fate of his once favourite shirt.


Rhodesia said...

Wish I could watch your videos, maybe one day we will get a good connection. Feeling very down at present I have a very nasty cold! Have a good Sunday Diane

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Vera, in the past we have had problems with blossoms and then a cold snap that wipes them all out. Glad to hear that is not an issue there.

northsider dave said...

Great photographs. I am sure you will get nice weather very soon.

Vera said...

DIANE, I am feeling low as well, and also feel like I have a cold coming on. I am blaming this up and down weather we are having at the moment......high temperatures one minute and the low temperatures the next, which confuses our bodied I think. Hope you are well soon. Love and hugs, Vx

TOIRDHEALBHEACH BEUCAIL, every year is different, so I just count our blessings when the trees manage to produce harvests for us. Nature is always at the helm, and all we can do is stay patient with what nature allows us to have by way of produce!

NORTHSIDER DAVE, we have had a very mild winter, so we must not complain when the weather turns yucky, we must just go with the flow and wait for things to improve, which is difficult when there is outside work to do as well you know!

Coco said...

What beautiful cows you have! Gorgeous faces.

I´m sorry I missed your car post. I love that Citroen!

Our weather has turned also. Most unseasonable hot spell followed now by a series of storm systems and near freezing temperatures at night. One never knows quite how to proceed in the garden.

Will try to find time while it´s raining to have a nosy around your videos!


Rhodesia said...

I hope that you do not get this cold it is a nasty one, now I have my husband in bed with a man cold which is of course so much worse than mine!! Hugs x

Vera said...

DIANE, the cold seems to have gone before it could get hold of me, thank goodness. Hope you are feeling better, and sending you oodles of patience to use in the coping of your husband's cold! Vx