Monday, 21 May 2018

Emma's 'do'

This is the house of Emma and Charles,
who live near us here in SW France,
and this is where we are today.....

..... and here are Emma and Charles.....

...... and this is part of their garden....

...... which is where you find me and Lester, and lots of other people too...
(I am wearing a red frock and Lester is sitting beside me...)

..... and here we are again, me playing the accordion and Lester playing his guitar...
....and we are playing background music while the guests mix and mingle...

... then it is a merry sing song from a local French / English choir 
to whom Emma used to belong,
which was in another time, 
when she was well....

and then 'Happy Birthday' is joyously sung, 
and a chocolate cake is presented to her,
with candles on top, of course, 
for her to blow out,
which she does... 
and now it is time for the 'eats', which is a 'bring and share' meal.
Everyone has excelled themselves.
It is a very special occasion.
Emma is sixty today,
and we are helping her share the years she has lived.

Full of food and wine, and after more music from Emma's cousins,
Lester and I finish off the afternoon with a few songs.

It was a lovely birthday party,
full of shared laughter.
Emma has MND.



DUTA said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day to Emma! She's got a nice house and husband, supportive friends around her. The food looks very tempting!
I like the print and colors of your dress; the red color matches the red of the accordion. I also like your hair cut style; it's simple and young.
You and Lester, providing the best part of the party - music, are a lovely sight.

minwks said...

Hi Vera, I am sorry to hear of your friend’s illness. How nice that you could celebrate her 60th birthday together. These moments make us treasure each day.
Regards Janine

Rhodesia said...

A lovely day but so sad to hear Emma has MND. I hope that she and her husband manage to get through the bad days but.... Wish her a happy birthday from me. Hope you have a good week Diane

Vera said...

DUTA, thank you for your comments. I seem to be attracted to red, but had not realised that the accordion and my dress were a good match!

JANINE, it was a special day, one to be remembered by us all.

DIANE, Emma and Charles have a very special bond, and Emma's spirit remains strong. When I was in hospital last year her courage and endurance was a huge inspiration for me and got me through a very difficult time.

Mama Pea said...

What a lovely addition you and Lester made to Emma's celebration! Their home and gardens are beautiful. She has wonderful friends, family and a strong support group.

northsider dave said...

Such a lovely house and you are a such a great friend for them both.