Monday, 19 June 2017

Comfort food......

We went shopping this morning. Normally we would buy 'sensible' products like flour, sugar, eggs (until we get our own again), and other equally useful items. Back in the UK we would have also bought items such as biscuits, chocolate, cake, crisps, ice cream, etc, but that was before we became  aware of how unhealthy that food was. Once we started growing and preserving our own produce (meat, veg, and fruit), we realised the error of our ways, and changed our eating habits.
...... but sometimes, just sometimes, we lapse back into our old ways, not often, just sometimes,
and today was one of those days.
It is still hot, hotter than it was yesterday. We knew this because we felt the heat as soon as we got outside this morning, the early morning coolness being absent, a hot wind having pushed it away.
So we were unable to physically do too much outside, other than sort the animals out, give the Courtyard a quick water, then put the shade covers over everything, which we don't normally do until mid day. Then out shopping we went...... hosepipes, bins, compost, bought in one shop, Guinness, ice cream (one tub of coffee, one tub of chocolate), crisps, ham, commercially produced potato salad, and commercially produced pasta salad, commercially produced baguettes, mass produced tomatoes (because ours are still green and teensy), and a commercially produced jar of gherkins (because ours are still at the flowering stage).
  I was not going to cook today. Yesterday we had home produced spiced dry fried lamb, a salad from the garden, an egg salad (made from eggs donated to us from a neighbour), and DIY bread. This was all laced together with mayonnaise (shop bought) because I can't for the life of me make mayonnaise. We did have ice cream for dessert, but that was allowable because Lissie has finished giving us milk now so DIY yoghurts have finished until next milking season.
Over the last ten years we have been able to produce most of the main ingredients for our meals, it is just the smaller items which we buy in and they are normally used within the structure of the meal and do not contribute towards being all of the meal.
But today they did.
No way was I going to be able to produce anything from the kitchen today.
Back to normal tomorrow!
Lester has fitted a hosepipe to the tap in the Courtyard so that I don't have to carry watering cans to and fro the nursery, but the well only gave us a third of its normal amount of water so the Veg Plots will have a minor watering tonight, and that will be by watering cans to preserve what water we have available. We also have an aversion to using the hosepipe over everything because it means the weeds also benefit.
Meanwhile the chickens are now out and about in their paddock, and the cockerel is starting to talk to Lester. Chickens do have quite a vocal range, and will make an effort to communicate with you if you take the time to start up a chat with them. There is, of course, a problem of communication because neither you or the chickens understand each others language, but then that is a universal problem with all animals including different races of man kind.
The sheep are not to be seen at all during the day now, as they are staying in the woodland to keep out of the way of the sun. We are waiting for the sheep shearer to phone us back. We hope he will do this soon.
Well, that's all for now. I have not done a thing indoors or outside today (apart from watering) as the heat is stopping me in my tracks, robbing me of the effort to do anything.
Not to worry, it won't last forever, so best to have a rest while we can!
Bye for now,


Cro Magnon said...

The easiest way to make Mayo is with a Stick Blender. You simply put all the ingredients in a tight fitting glass (oil, mustard, white wine vinegar, egg, etc), put in the blender, turn on, and slowly lift upwards. Hey presto!

Vera said...

CRO MAGNON, I really would like to make my own mayo so thanks for the info.

Rhodesia said...

It is hot isn't it!! I have been watering but I wonder how long this weather will last,our lawn is already heading for brown! Yep we also bought ice cream today. I have been making it, but it is hard to keep up in this weather!! Keep cool Diane

Tommo said...

Bonjour Vera, thanks for commenting on my blog. I tried to respond there but the response mechanism doesn't seem to function any more. Anyways, I was going to say yes it is indeed very hot but we've just had a torrential downpour stormy thing which could herald the end of the hot spell. Or maybe not.

Vera said...

DIANE. I really must have a go at making ice cream as well.... must look into how to do it!

TOMMO, we could do with some rain down here in the SW as well. Temperatures are going down at the end of the week, thank goodness!

Dawn McHugh said...

nothing wrong with buying in some comfort food, like they say a little of what you fancy does you good :-)

Kerry said...

We all need a treat from time to time. My vice at the moment is Liquorice Confits, compliments of Sainsburys and visiting friends :)

Vera said...

DAWN, we don't often have food which is not homemade, but just sometimes it is good to temporarily step outside the box!

KERRY, my ongoing 'vice' is Fisherman's Friends, but they are a cough sweet so are doing me good! Well that is what I tell myself anyway!

rusty duck said...

No return to the Baileys yet then..
I do allow myself a late afternoon ice cream but only when I've deserved it by burning off lots of calories. Hot here too (for us). Yesterday I didn't start work outside until 5.00 p.m. lazy wotsit that I am.

Vera said...

RUSTY DUCK, haven't had Baileys for a long time, but have taken a liking to cold Guinness!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Everyone needs to save a little room in their life for chocolate! You do so well producing much of your own food.