Friday, 14 October 2016

He? No 'She'.......

So what do you do when this little one arrives.....
...... just born, still damp, still dazed by the world.....
but it is a male calf, what do you do?
Well immediately your mind shifts gear, because he cannot be sold or kept here,
because we could never manage the energy of a bull in full rut.
It's enough to have a ram and a boar when they have testosterone streaming through them,
but a rampant full sized
So his eventual destiny is to provide us with beef.
But then 'he' changed his destiny himself,
because Lester must have misread the geography of his undercarriage,
this being brought to his attention when the calf squatted to go to wee.
A male calf would stand upright to wee.
A female calf will bend her back legs into a squat.
This he she did in front of Lester as he was ushering her out into the field with her mum.
So no beef for us next year, but a little female cow,
who may be sold on, or perhaps may stay here.
As I was watching her come into the barn yesterday,
the name 'Millicent' arrived in my head,
so 'Milly' it is.

And here she is trying to get up on all fours for the first time.
Lissie's udders were expanded beyond what we thought was good for them,
so Lester drew off a few litres of milk to take the pressure off.
Lester said that Milly was most intrigued.
Said that she was almost cross eyed with wonder about what the hell he was doing to the teats which she was previously drinking from!
Bye for now,


Jean said...

How lovely! Milly is a perfect name for this little calf.

Cottontail Farm said...

What a happy day! Congratulations!

DUTA said...

In judaism there's a blessings many get offended by it. It says : thank God for not making me a woman. In Milie's case you're happy she's not a male.
Good Luck to Mllie!

Dawn McHugh said...

wow wonderful Milly, I hope she grows into a beauty :-) congratulations

Cro Magnon said...

I'm still amazed that 'Rose Beef' never replaced the ghastly sick looking Veal. Male calves here were often tied to a wall and fed nothing but milk; they should be out in the fields fattening on grass. The meat is so much better.

Vera said...

JEAN, the name does suit her very well!

COTTONTAIL FARM, thanks, but still waiting for the next calf to be born!

DUTA, we cannot keep all the female calves which are born here, so they have to be sold on, which we do not like doing, but we are thinking of keeping Milly!

DAWN, she is a beauty already!

CRO MAGNON, you are right..... all calves should have at least some life before they are put into the meat chain, and being out in the field would be so much healthier than being tied up all day.

Denise said...

What a beautiful colour of coat. It's the kind of hair colour I've always hankered after but just doesn't suit.

Vera said...

DENISE, unfortunately this was Milly in her 'just born' state of wetness,.... she is now a silky mid brown!

Coco said...

Congratulations! Hope Mom and Millie are doing well.

My Life in the Charente said...

I am delighted it is a female. I know how my Mum used to hate having male calves, she would not go near them knowing their destiny. Have a good weekend Diane

Kirsty Udall said...

Milly's a great name and fresh milk for you all too, nature provides x

rusty duck said...

Oh well done Lissie! A great new addition.

Sol said...

I feel all Lion King "the circle of liffffffffffffffe..."

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wonderful to hear of the birth of a beautiful female calf. I think what fooled your hubby was the withering trails of the umbilical cord. Anyway congrats to the new addition to the small holding.

Vera said...

COCO, Milly is starting to get naughty, so she is definitely doing alright!

DIANE, I felt the same when we first thought that Milly was a male!

KIRSTY, it is good to be getting milk back in to the kitchen, although not enough to make yoghurt or cheese yet because we have to share Lissie's milk with Milly!

JESSICA, she is lovely! Not sure if we are going to be able to sell her on!

SOL, having animals on the farm does make one fully appreciate the 'circle of life'!

HORST, I think that umbilical cord fooled him as well!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well congratulations!