Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Well the geese are enjoying themselves!

We are in the 'wet time' now,
and the river is running swollen and heavy.
I frequently find myself looking out at our land,
waiting to see if today the river will over flow and embrace our fields.
But the geese,
they are in their most joyful time,
and are to be often found with their plump white bums pointing skywards,
as they bathe in the water lying on the field.
...and here they are, drying off after their bath

As I write this, they are on their way out of the courtyard.
They have just had their breakfast,
and Lester has let them out onto the farm.
They are very chatty this morning,
so would I be if I was a goose,
but I am not,
so I remain indoors.

..... and Maz, into the water she  also went,
.... but not Blue, who thinks of herself as a lady, so does not like to get wet.

... and the two girls, running just for fun...

 Blue in front, her slimness of shape allowing her to run like a greyhound, and Maz behind, heavier in build so slower. Boolie is off to one side. He doesn't join in with their mad gallops, but will have wrestling matches indoors with them, which I have to put a stop to because the tumour on his ear will inevitably break open and bleed if things get too rough.
And here are some more rompings....
 New lambs, running.....
......and skipping,

then calming down for a nibble of grass. Although only a few days old, they are already grazing, but only for a few minutes here and there, leaving them time to sleep and play.

And our flock, waiting to go across to the side field.
.... and across the lane they go...

Obviously these photos were taken during a break in the rain,
which means that the river should have time to get its load of flood water away to the coast before the next lot of rain falls, which most surely it will judging by the heavy black clouds which keep coming our way.
The wind: we had a huge wind the other night.
Reminded me of the hurricane of January 2009, when we lived in a caravan.
Caravans are fragile things, this we found out during that hurricane, which has left us with a nervousness about strong winds.
Not to worry, the recent wind was strong, but not fiercely strong.
The smallholding, and all that there is on it, remained undamaged.
Saying 'bye for now'
as I move on into my day.


PioneerPreppy said...

Those are some handsome spotted lambs!! Do their colors grow more molted as the wool grows longer? It will be at least another month and a half before we get lambs here.

Such lovely property and animals you have.

Vera said...

PIONEERPREPPY, the lambs are Jacobs, and yes, the bright black and white colours will turn cream and dark brown over time. Our lambs were late in arriving this year, normally all have arrived by the middle of January, so not sure why they were all late.
Hope you have sorted your tractor out, and looking forward to seeing photos of your lambs when they arrive!

Rhodesia said...

Gosh we have had a lot of rain and everywhere here is waterlogged. New lambs at the back of the house in our neighbours field and I see a new calf today just up the road so spring must be around the corner. Hope you soon dry out, take care Diane

DUTA said...

It's nice to watch the geese that unlike us humans, have no care or worry and know how to enjoy themselves.
I'm always scary of overflowing rivers and strong winds - matter of childhood trauma.

Vera said...

DIANE, we are drying out really fast, apart from the lake on the field! Nice to see lambs and calves being born, nice to feel that soon Spring will be here!

DUTA, I think that all our animals know how to enjoy themselves, although the geese have the most freedom of all! I can quite understand your feelings about 'overflowing rivers and strong winds'...although I have not had the 'trauma' that you had when you were a youngster I still have my background worries when either the river starts filling up or strong winds are forecasted, and I get quite tetchy and irritable, and feel not myself at all until the weather and river settle down again!

rusty duck said...

Nice weather for geese, if not for humans.
Lambs bleating and skipping in the fields (the one above us too) really makes me think Spring is coming. Hang on in there.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Those look like dalmation lambs! How unusual.

Cro Magnon said...

That bloody wind took off a lot of our tiles; not on the house itself thank goodness. One lot I've already repaired, but the other lot is a big pointed roof and needs a (brave) expert.

Vera said...

JESSICA, hope you are doing alright as well after all the bad weather the UK has had to endure this winter. I would think that you are longing to get outside and start work on your garden projects for this year!

LISA, they are Jacobs, which are an ancient breed of sheep, and are ideal for smallholders as they not too big, their meat is not too fatty, and their wool is idea for spinning, plus they are lovely to look at!

CRO MAGNON, I think we got off lightly, with no damage at all, unlike that hurricane of 2009 when we had roof tiles flying about in the wind like a bunch of angry bees! Hope you can find a roofing expert who will retile your pointy roof, and which will not cost you an arm and a leg!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yay! how fun to see the dogs! and how fun to see your spring like weather. enjoy!

Vera said...

OHIOFARMGIRL, hope your weather gets better soon as well!

Kerry said...

Loved looking at all your animals having a great time splashing about in the puddles :)

Vera said...

KERRY, it was fun to watch them as well!