Thursday, 5 March 2015

Oh, just a nice day......

Been out shopping for furniture today, mountains were glorious, sun was shining, and spring is here, plus the charger for my camera has arrived, so all in all, it has been a grand day. 

Sheep are happy, because they have been out on the side field for the day, and the pigs have been cheered up by loads of clumps of grass that Lester gave to them when he was digging holes for the new fruit trees. We have loads of fruit trees already planted, (and I really must get round to pruning them but worry about damaging them beyond repair), and I know it is a bit late to be planting trees but things have been getting in the way of us doing so, and with the weather being so unfriendly, well, we just sort of ran out of steam with sorting out the gardens and veg plots. Not to worry, a drop of sunshine...... and our enthusiasm has come back for tilling the soil and growing things. 

We did not buy any furniture today because we are still 'feeling our way' with what the music / sitting room wants. But we do know that it is to be nothing new, but old, so it has to be second hand or 'antique'. We want the room to look as if has been lived in for years and years, and not pristine, modern, and newly done. I think that the room needs a piano, upright or baby grand, I am not sure which. My electronic keyboard is fine for when I play with the band or for church services, but it is not a sensitive enough instrument to lift my soul. So, either an old piano with candle holders on, (which you can still buy here in France) or a small baby grand....... shall leave the decision up to the Universe to see which instrument comes my way!

Been out gardening, and have soil stained hands to prove it, although I did not garden for long because the ground is still too wet, but at least I have presented my hands to the soil, and let my back and legs know that they will have to get used to bending over, and staying bent over, while the necessary weeding is done. 

Have made some tea towels. Got fed up with the ponsy little things you buy at the local supermarket, which get sopping wet very quickly and get holes in them after a few months of use. So I bought a couple of metres of towelling online from the Remnant House, cut it up into what I regard as decent sized tea towels, hemmed them round with a couple of rows of zig zag stitches on my sewing machine, put an 'artistic' band of other fabric (from an old curtain actually) across each side which was also double stitched with zig zag stitches, and done! They cost the same as would the supermarket tea towels, but are  of a better quality, and should last a long time without showing any stains because the colour I chose was dark green.

And if they do eventually get holes in, then I have some left over curtain fabric I can repair them with. 

The jar of Nutella is nearly finished, and what a delight it has been to eat, especially off a fully loaded spoon. I was not going to buy another jar though, thinking that it was not really worthy of 'self sufficiency smallholder types'  which we aspire to be (ho ho!!!) However......another jar has 'magicked' itself into the kitchen after Lester went shopping for me. It will be shame to leave it would be  a waste don't you think? 

Saying bye for now, 



DUTA said...

Good Luck with buying the furniture you like! You're right about the piano - it lifts the soul.

Jean said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day.!
Nutella and bananas........delicious!

ally said...

Hello Vera . I will be in Normandy after Easter and wonder if I will be too late to plant some silver birch. What do you think? The tea towels are good. I knit dishcloths for self and others. They last ages and I make them in bright, jazzy colours . Would send you one if you let me have your address. So looking forward to getting back to France! Stay well and happy x

Ohiofarmgirl said...

self sufficient small holders need extra oomph and nutella provides that - so spoon away!

northsider dave said...

"I have presented my hands to the soil."

What a wonderful gardening expression, Vera.

Mizumatte said...

I did it too, presented my hands for the soil, which said what are here already, it's too early I'm I will wait some more days.take care Jaana

Vera said...

Duta, I do have an electronic touch sensitive keyboard which keeps me going, but having a proper piano would be quite a blessing for me!

Jean, oh, sounds like you like Nutella as well!

Ally, I don't know when Easter is this year, but I have found silver birch very easy going to grow, so I think you would be alright.

I thought about crocheting / knitting some dishcloths as well, but at the moment I have a huge pile of old t-shirts that I am cutting up to use as dishcloths. They don't look very 'nice' but they do the job!

OFG, sounds like you perhaps eat Nutella straight off a spoon as well!

Northsider Dave, thanks. Hope the weather is improving for you.

Vera said...

Jaana, same here! The soil was too wet and didn't want to be worked on! Sunny here though, so will try again soon.

Kerry said...

Its amazing how just a little sunshine recharges our batteries and gives us the drive to get stuff done. We are having amazing weather this weekend, enjoy yours x