Thursday, 12 February 2015

Two hands, waving they were, .........

Two hands waving at me,
coming through the wall they were,
the wall which is the wall of the house,
which is supposed to be solid?


So anyway, 
beyond this door in the kitchen is the next room to be done,

It is a dusty environment at the moment
but Builder Jim has got most of the old rendering off the walls now...

...... and the cupboard in its 'before' time

....and now in its 'halfway there' time
(the lintel is rotten by the way and comes out today)

.....only the old sink and shower area left to do,....

....and all was going well.

I was sat at my spinning wheel in the courtyard,
happily feeling zoned out in the sunshine,
when from behind me came a crashing down of something,
"You alright?" I called,
"Yeah" responded Builder Jim, cheerily.
Moments later and "Helloooooo", he called,
and round I turned, 
and there he was,
only it was only his hands I saw,
the rest of him was the other side of the wall.

(you might have to enlarge the photo below for the full effect)



New windows?
Just holes in the sink area of the wall where stones had fallen out,
and to bless the little birds who constantly chip away,
first at the rendering,
and then underneath the rendering to very 'glue' holding the stones in the wall together,
so that all falls down eventually,

Not to worry,
Our builder is fixing it.

We might have some more 'surprises' today as he starts removing rotten lintels from over the sink and cupboard areas. 
We may, or may not, have some more stones tumbling down.

Not to worry,
the sun is shining,
there was no frost this morning so it is not quite so cold,
all the snow has gone,
and everything is drying up.


the Goodwife said...

I applaud you for restoring this beautiful old house and for having the fortitude to withstand it! I'm very glad I found your blog to watch the transformation. Our daughter is somewhat obsessed with France at the moment, so I like to read your blog for that as well! :)

Vera said...

The Goodwife, thankyou, and should your daughter ever come to France, in particular to region 65 (the Haute Pyrenees department) do please tell her to come and visit us. Vx

Kerry said...

Love the hands through the wall, did make me smile, but it must have made you jump. The renovations are coming along great x

Vera said...

Kerry, I was very relieved that Lester wasn't home at that moment, otherwise he would have freaked out! As it was, all I could do was laugh when Jim's hands appeared through holes in the wall that I didn't even know were there!

Tim said...

It is probably a good job that they weren't pink Marigolds...
Lester would have had to either help you down off the roof...
or help you stand back up...
whilst wondering why you were rolling around on the floor...
giggling insanely!!

John Gray said...

Hands like my beloved zombies

Vera said...

Tim, laughing at these potentially disastrous episodes in our life here has given us the courage to keep on going! But pink marigolds? Builder Jim would never dream of wearing such a colour!

John, oh, made your day then! And envying your bacon sarnie in bed with your dogs whilst watching Great British Sewing Bee!

northsider dave said...

You are making a lot of progress on your house, Vera. Will you have a camp site?

Vera said...

Northsider Dave, a good idea, but think not do-able here, mostly because our fields are needed for grazing. We only have five hectares, so not really big enough for both animals and people!

rusty duck said...

I shall look at our dust in a different light having seen all of yours.

Rhodesia said...

Your renovations are really coming along but I had to laugh at the hands. Hope the holes in the walls do not last for too long :-) Bon weekend Diane

Vera said...

Jessica, ah but your dust and our dust will eventually go away, and we shall both be left with super duper newly renovated houses.....eventually!!!!!

Diane, I laughed at the hands as well, even more so now the holes have been fixed!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i am extremely envious of your sunshine! and so excited about your progress.