Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Frolicking pigs, chatty geese, and kitchen tiles

Here are the geese stopping by, yabbering away at us through the window,
telling us to "Hurry up,...it's time for supper"
And oh what a mess they make of the window
because they sort of dribble as they peck at the glass,
leaving  spitty streaks all over the it. 

And the rottweiller girls, having a late afternoon romp,

They have turned out to be the best natured dogs I have ever owned,
with a tendency to bark at anything which is benign and irrelevant,
and stay silent when they should be barking.
Anyone arriving at the gates are viewed as possible playmates,
and are greeted with much love and affection.
Guard dogs they are not.

And our floor tiles, which are not quite the colour they look in the photo.
And today I walked over them for the first time.
I cannot tell you what a treat it was to walk across the kitchen floor,
without having to watch where I put my feet, 
in case I tripped on the tarpaulins underfoot.

Did you know that pigs can romp?
And throw their hind legs up in the air like a frolicking cow?
And be so joyful that they bounce?
And then be so thankful that they come across and say 'thankyou'?
Well they do,
because this is what mum pig did today when we let her out of her pen,
and into the veg plot / pig paddock. 
The electrics are still not working,
but we needed to give her and her piglets some room to move,
so out they went. 
It was an all round joyful occasion.

And tonight's moon,
on the rise.
It is a clear night, so it will be cold.
Not to worry, the duvet  is still working, 
and tonight, should I feel the urge to go to the loo
I can walk through the house to the bathroom,
instead of having to go outside because the kitchen is blocked off,
the only way into the house being through the front door.

Bye for now,



rusty duck said...

Oh I do love your geese. You've no idea what happy memories that picture brings back.

Horst in Edmonton said...

The floor look awesome. Have a wonderful week.

Vera said...

Jessica, unfortunately the chickens and geese are going to be banned from the courtyard next year so we can get a garden going in the space. On one hand I shall miss the close contact from them, on the other I shall be pleased to get flowers, tidiness, and a poo free area close to the house. I thirst for the prettiness of flowers in the courtyard!

Horst, the actual colour of the floor is not the same as in the photo, ...the tiles are much bluer and greener, and merge together better. But I just wanted to post a photo up! Hope your end of week is a great one as well. Hope it is not getting tooooo cold in Canada, or if it is, that you stay tucked up in the warm.

northsider dave said...

The tiling looks great, Vera.

Vera said...

Northsider Dave, the tiles are Ok. I originally wanted the usual terracotta type tile, but the kitchen kept arguing with me about wanting these, and in the end I gave up! The kitchen was right and I am glad it fought a battle with me about what it wanted to have!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Vera, It warmed up to plus 11C yesterday and Plus 6C right now. It will be like this for the rest of the week. Maybe the snow will go away. I hope so.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

beautiful pix of the moonrise! and that floor! you must be in heaven - it's fabulous. always love to see the dogs.

Vera said...

Horst, your temperatures are about the same as ours are at the moment. I was even working out in the field at dusk without my usual thick woolly cardi on!

Ohiofarmgirl, hope you are getting through the winter alright, and hope that you managed to sort all that recently defrosted meat out!