Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bonny, cross eyed, and AI'd

Meanwhile, was a wet morning

...and the first of the winter hay supply had to be brought into the courtyard...

..... everyone in for the day, although we let the sheep out,
they don't complain, even in the wet,
neither really do the cows, 
although there is dissent between Bonny and Lissie,
because Lissie is in season,
and needs to mount someone, anyone,
and Bonny being the nearest thing to a bull, well......
but Lester can be a handy target as well, 
especially if he is bending over to pick up her poo prior to milking her.
(he does not like to have squelch beneath his feet when milking)
Apparently the sight of his bent over bottom ignites within her a passion.
But he did not become squashed beneath her amorousness.
As she reared up to get to him, he sidestepped her. 
"Phew! It was close though", he said.
Meanwhile Bonny is keeping clear of Lissie.
The AI (Artificial insemination) man is coming today.

So one of the winter projects is to clear this big bramble hedge.

It was hanging over the fence, taking up almost two metres of land.
I have been working my way along it for the last three weeks,
cutting between 200 - 500 snips of bramble per day with my secateurs.
It is a long job. 
I find the best thing to do with big jobs is to do a little bit each day,
sort of 'nibble' at the task in hand,
making it into bite sized pieces. 
And I count.
One snip, two snips, etc. 
Stops my mind from thinking that it wants to be somewhere else.....

Late morning, and Lester off to get the car MOT'd.
Expecting a big bill, 
But the car passed, 
some work to be done, but not too much.
We shall keep it now, not much point in trading it in.

The AI man came.
Lissie became quite cross eyed as he did his thing, 
but then so would I if I had aplastic covered arm
go entirely into my nether regions.
She took it like a trooper though,
just lowered her head,
and looked slight dazed.

Meanwhile, the rain is making the ground sludgy.
This is the alley between the home paddock of Mum pig and family,
and the veg plot paddocks.
It is very squelchy.
Not to worry,
the mud is not up to Lester's knees yet.

...and he can still just about walk on the paddock.
Not sure how much longer he will be able to do that.
Mum pig and piglets are surely earning their keep,
and already the top layer of grass has mostly been ploughed up
and muddy puddles are appearing.

Well that's all for today.
The sun did come out,
and I did sit out in the sunshine for a while,
doing some knitting,
but really sort of dozing,
which is hard to do when sitting in an upright chair,
the tendency to fall off  during mid doze being quite likely.

Message to self  for 2015
Do buy yourself a sun lounger!



Sunnybrook Farm said...

I enjoyed seeing your wheelbarrow, a totally different handle design from what I use.

Vera said...

Sunnybrook Farm, it's a French wheelbarrow, and I shall look out for photos of your wheelbarrow on your blog from now on just to see what the difference is!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Here is some of my "fleet" of wheelbarrows.

rusty duck said...

Mud, mud glorious mud. Except it was poo I stepped in today too, from those wretched sheep!!

Mizumatte said...

well I think it' a european wheelbarrow, because we have then here in Sweden too. Vera you made my day. Jaana

northsider dave said...

Looks like you could do with some duck boards for the pigs Vera. I am waiting for the hedge man to come with his tractor and hedge cutting attachment to cut the roadside hedges.

Rhodesia said...

AI does make life simple for people with small holdings that cannot cope with a bull around. Amorous cows can get a bit rough :-) Take care and keep up the good work on the bramble hedge. I hate brambles! Diane

Kerry said...

Great read today, poor old Lester, fancy thinking he looks like a cow x

Vera said...

Sunnybrook Farm......what a fantastic display of wheelbarrows, and thanks for giving me the link!

Jessica, oh dear! And they weren't even your poo for crikey's sake!

Jaana, so we have the same types of wheelbarrows! I like that.

Northsider Dave, could do with that hedge cutting man person here! But we have our roadside hedges cut by the local village hedge and verge cutting man, so we are saved that job at least. And duckboards are a good idea. Will pass that on to Lester.

Diane, AI is very handy, because it is bad enough have a ram and a boar here, let along a huge great bull! Brambles, oh how I dislike them as well....they are so spiteful, and their thorns so sharp!

Kerry......thanks, but it was Lester's bent over rear end which confused Lissie!