Monday, 15 September 2014

Into the jungle

And I am re-enthused about indoors, as we now, yes, yes, yes!!! have started painting the kitchen walls. 

Tiles laid on the floor after that, although there are a couple of slight bumpy bits in the concrete which Lester says will have to be smoothed off first. 
But, wahhay!!! Paint. On the walls!

The beans, neglected after being strung up on the support wires, the poles of the wires going rickety and then collapsing some time during July. 
So, no green beans were picked, 
but after a rummage about in the heap of bean plants,
I harvested a bucket of these goodies....

....and there are still more to come!
Dry them, shell them, and we shall have a harvest of dried beans for the winter.

And from this tangle came....

...and there are still more to come as well!

The onions are nil.
The beetroot is still to be found. 
The kale is now doomed after Lester scythed it into oblivion,
thinking that it was dead anyway,
it wasn't
it just needed freeing up from the weeds.
The tomatoes never happened.
The potatoes, however, did happen.
The big green brassica type plants are still growing strongly.
The cabbages have been picked and eaten.
The green peppers were fantastic.
The aubergines are still trotting along.
The green chillies were OK.
The courgettes, well....what can I say!
They have romped away,
and I have a load to get processed.
The parsley and coriander were overcome.
The melons never got going.
The peanut plants were zilch.
The big green brassica type plants are still growing strongly.
The cabbages have been picked and eaten.

Not to worry, from out of the veggie and weed jungle we did get a harvest, and we have paint on the walls, and some on me as well because I always get into a muck when I paint. Not to worry, it washes off, and we have paint on the walls, and I am sorry to keep going on about it, but, well, we have started painting.....and we have got a harvest of veg, and we like being smallholding / homesteading folk, and we have started painting........



Niall & Antoinette said...

Hurrah! Hurrah! For paint on the walls :-)

We don't have a veggie plot just some large pots in which, this year, we've grown tomatoes and a melon.
Tomatoes have been fine despite the blight that's going round -- they were affected but seem to be shaking it off and we have had a steady offering of tomatoes.
Melon plant -- terminal by the looks of it.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

wow that is a huge haul of squash!!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, just got a look at your kitchen and noticed how thick the walls are ( just blows me away). Here in western Canada, about 20 to 30 years ago developers have started to make the wall 6 inches deep instead of 4 inches deep, so to see walls 3 feet deep is a bit of a shock. So glad to here that your already starting to paint the walls. It won't be long now before your ready to install all the kitchen appliances and cabinets.

Vera said...

Niall & Antoinette, tomatoes will get over rot if tended properly like yours have been and ours were last year. But this years tomatoes really could not cope with the rain and sun cycles, plus the onward marching of the triffid like weeds! Oh well, there is always next year to try again!

OhioFarmGirl, and I still have not posted up a photo showing the pile of courgettes! But tomatoes, none!

Horst, those thick walls make the house feel like a safe haven even though we still have some huge cracks to mend in them. Yes, paint now going on, kitchen tiles bought, sink bought, wow!

John Gray said...

Bleeding hell almost have a normal house!

Vera said...

John. ummm, no not quite! You should see the rest of the house!

northsider dave said...

Would you start another renovation project after this one, Vera? There are hundreds of empty/derelict properties here in rural Ireland.

Kerry said...

I can sympathise with you about the weeds as we had loads. Its soul destroying to clear your veggie patch only to see them grow again in just a few days. Looking forwards to seeing your new kitchen x

Mizumatte said...

hurraa, it sounds like you are painting, I really am happy that you are some steps forward to getting your kitchen, if you have kitchen, bedroom and bathroom life is almaus normal. Take care and don't forget to rest between all things to do.Jaana

Vera said...

Northsider Dave, sorry, but I shall only do another renovation project in my next lifetime, not this one!

Kerry, those weeds! Wish the 'proper' veg grew so quickly!

Jaana, I shall your advice about resting, or try to!