Monday, 23 June 2014

Nudey sheep, bottled cherries, & left overs

And here are the overcoats of the sheep,
now removed by the shearer man, 
who sported a tennis player type white headband around his forehead,
which did not look quite in keeping with his swarthy nut brown-ness,
but he has been and gone for another year.

At the moment I do not know what I am going to make with my pile of spun wool,
no doubt inspiration will land upon me one day.
Last years fleece got too much dust from the house on it,
so became unspinnable.
Looking forward to spinning again,
love the sweet smell of the wool,
and the oiliness of the lanolin on my hands,
feels very homesteady.

The sheep girls were very chatty with each other out in the field today, 
I think they must have felt very relieved to get those woollen coats off.

The cherries,
they have all been picked, 
although most of them were a bit tatty around the ears,
I think it was because we had difficult weather for them,
anyways, here are the last of them having a sunbathe to redden them up.

Eleven jars of cherries now in the larder.
Cherries jar up very well,
far better than eating them straight off the tree,
and suffering a runny tum afterwards.

So what to do with a pot of lamb and vegetable curry,
which was left over from lunch.
I could: 1) give it to the pigs / dogs / chickens.
2) Have it for supper.
3) Save it for lunch the next day.
4) Invent another meal with it.

Left overs, this is what the curry had become, something to get finished up.

So what I did was put it into a canning jar,
so we could have it when I had no time to cook.
In other words, use it as a fast food meal in the future.
Into a jar it went, just one jar though,
I could have put it into two smaller jars,
but thought that there was no need to be so frugal.

....then into my precious friend of a canner, voila! Dinner for another day. 

My halo feels quite bright and shiny,
hope yours does tooooooo!!!!!


Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, lots of wool. I'm sure the sheep are happy to get ride of the overcoats in the heat of the summer.

Vera said...

Hello Horst, hope you are well. Has summer arrived in Canada yet, I know that you were looking forward to warmer weather after the snow you had last winter.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

wow! so glad that the shearer showed up! any explanation for his lateness? and how are you enjoying your canner?

Vera said...

OFG, not sure why the shearer was late, just glad he turned up. The canner? what a fabulous bit of kit!!! Would not be without it, both for cooking meat joints straight from frozen, and for getting food into jars for long term storage. I would think that you feel the same!!