Saturday, 12 April 2014

MacDonalds? And so that's why......

We went to MacDonalds today. Oh no! Have we fallen out of saddle in regards to eating processed food?  Has all my previous blather about not being able to eat other people's food, including meat from unknown sources, has this all been nonsense? Have we given up? Have we succumbed to fast food again?

Noooooo!!!! We were forced into MacDonalds by a 'needs must' urgency. To pee is what had come over us. To pee desperately in fact. Even to the point of sacrificing our dislike for all that MacDonalds represents. If we had to eat a burger to pee then that is what we had to do.

Message to self: If going out shopping do not drink a cup of tea before you do so as this will inevitably create a problem through the ensuing hours.
Message to Lester: ditto the above.

But oh what good news! The loo was handily placed just inside the door. We went in. We peed. Crikey! What a blessing. And even more of a blessing was the fact that we managed to creep back out of MacDonalds without having to buy any food. We felt like naughty children. It was fun. 

We are covered in dust:

I made a comment about the amount of dust in the house to a friend
who had stopped by for a chat.
"That's Sahara sand", she said, "It's not dust".
Apparently sand from the Sahara is being delivered to France, and the UK, via the wind,
and we had fetched up with a goodly quantity in our house,
that is what my friend said, bless her.
When we came here we had a fireplace wall left standing in the kitchen:
(This photo was taken before we started renovating)
It is the half high wall, with the orange beam sitting on it,
the one which is over to the left of the photo.
For all of the time of the renovation,
I have protected that little wall,
even though everyone who has worked on the house
said it should go,
even Lester.
But it was one of the few remaining features left in the house,
and so I fought to keep it.
The little wall is made of limestone blocks.
It was to stay.
After discussion after discussion after argument discussion,
I bowed to the inevitable.
The little wall of limestone blocks was to go.
Manfully Lester set to work...
..and the job became done..

A nice clear kitchen.
But can you see the open door.....
so hold this thought for a moment while I take you for a quick tour of...
the dining room:

the hallway:
the lounge:

the temporary kitchen and future larder room:

...but the bathroom is quite pristine at the moment,
...but the half barn is reasonably tidy:

...and now I do not feel worried about getting the dust cleaned up,
the dust which I thought blew in from the work Lester was doing
while he tumbled the little wall down,
in the kitchen,
because this is Sahara Sand!
Am I kidding myself?
..and thanks to Denise for my birthday card,
and thanks to Lester for taking me out to a garden centre
and lunch afterwards at a local bar type eatery.
And thank you all for reading my blather about what is happening on our little smallholding down here at the bottom end of France.


rusty duck said...

Looking at these pictures I just see how far you've come in the last few months. The kitchen is going to be fab. And huge! S*d the dust!
A belated Happy Birthday x

BarbaraB said...

I really want to know how Sahara sand has made it all the way to mid-Missouri, USA. At least that's the way one of my living room tables looked when I brushed past it. hmmmm. Could be that I'm just lazy!

Vera said...

Jessica, thanks for the birthday wishes. Have left the dust alone for the moment. Might tackle it in a few days time!

BarbaraB, noooooo! You are not lazy! I'm sure some of that Sahara Sand has blown over to you as well!

Janice said...

And then it blew up to Canada!! I love that story. The house is looking fabulous. When you finish everything you're going to have a beautiful BIG home. Keep the pictures coming!

Rhodesia said...

Wow your house is starting to look pretty good, you must be very happy with it. Happy birthday and we wish you many more healthy years ahead. D & N xx