Sunday, 2 February 2014

They went, and came back

In the manner of all young dogs, our two rottweiller girls have the need to run away if they can, not far though, because we haul them back to base before they get too far. Perhaps 'run away' is a bit strong. Perhaps all they are doing is chasing the wind.

Well today they really did go 'chasing the wind'. An oversight on our part left the barrier across the courtyard open after we have finished feeding the animals this morning. We were both tired, having been out late (is 11.30 late?) razzamatazzing in a local bar cum cafĂ©. (They don't have pubs here) Friends had coerced Lester into taking his violin along to the bar for an evening of Irish music played by a local band, just in case they would let him play with them. They did. Lester twiddled, fiddled, and strummed that violin very nicely, and I was chuffed to see him playing again. (Can you 'strum' a violin? Well, Lester did!) It was a grand evening, with a crepe each thrown in for good measure. (the crepe was on a plate, and was a free donation by the bar owner's wife).

We think that we might 'do' some music together, Lester and I. Lester thinks that I could very well learn the whistle, and also the piano accordion. I already play the piano (or electric piano at the moment because I left my proper piano back in the UK), and that it would be both a benefit and challenge to me to learn these other instruments. I did buy a penny whistle a while ago, but kept having trouble keeping my fingers over the holes, but I have become re-enthused after watching the fleeting fingers of the penny  whistle player as he romped his way through dozens of Irish jigs and reels. I am not sure about the piano accordion though, as it seems quite a weight to heft on my shoulders, and would my bosoms get in the way of the bellows of the instrument as I pumped it in and out. I would not like the bellows squashed or broken, neither do I relish the thought of having my own two very dear pillows of womanhood pinched or flattened. So I shall think on about the purchase of the accordion.

But I have purchased some Irish music sessions books. Now Lester is not pinned to his computer all day his love of music is starting to find the light again. Or, in his words, "A small fire is starting to burn in me again." A similar fire is not burning in me yet, but it might. I am a classical pianist. I do not jig and romp about playing Irish jigs and reels. Not yet. But who knows......perhaps this will be something I shall be learning for my soon to be 67th year.

And so, the followers of the wind. Tired out through the late night (anything after 10 is late for us), we were not as mindful as we should have been about the closing of the courtyard. Off our two black hounds went, to not be seen for hours and hours and hours. Up went my blood pressure, up went Lester's blood pressure, and together we steamed with anxiety about where those two were. Lester did frequent searches in the car, and a neighbour joined in with the search as well. I lit a candle and asked the Universe to bring them home, and then fretted. Night came. The house was unusually peaceful, Boolie (our Springer Spaniel) unusually loving. A bark. Then another. 9pm. They were returned.

They were put straight to bed. No fusses from me. I left that all to Lester. They are whining and carrying on. I presume 'the running of wind' activity has left them freaked out. They have never been dogs to like the dark or the cold, and it is cold and dark out there tonight.

But they are home.



Jean said...

Thank goodness!
I know very well the increasing sense of panic when there's no sign of them for hours - and the joy and relief when they come back.
I imagine there's less chance of them being run over or stolen in rural France. That was the worry when our male standard poodle took off. We once spent hours searching the woods for him. I was in tears, we were both exhausted. When we gave up and went home there he was on the doorstep, with a "where the hell have you been?" Look on his face!

Vera said...

Jean, we were glad to get the girls back, and they have been quiet ever since. I think their adventure into the outside world shook them up a bit!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness, Vera! Your team don't half put you through it, don't they? So glad Maz and Blue found their way home safely and are showing some contrition for scaring the living daylights out of you and Lester. (But wouldn't it be amazing to know exactly where they had been all day?! Story there, I think!).

Vera said...

Denise, we think a lot happened to them because they have been very quiet, almost subdued, since they got back. I would agree with you, that there is a story there!

The Broad said...

You must be ever so relieved, Vera. I hope for your sakes they have learned their lesson and won't venture so far for so long again! Well done, you, for even thinking about learning the piano accordion and penny whistle! Must admit though it could lead to hours of fun, not to mention delicious crepes if you play your cards (or should I say 'notes') right!

Vera said...

The Broad, I think learning new things keeps the mental faculties alert and chases those winter blues away! As for those girls, they are very subdued at the moment, not even wanting to hang around me in the kitchen when I am cooking, so they are still getting over their escapade!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Thank goodness they came home, I would have well and truly freaked out. Wonder if you will ever discover the story of their escapade, I doubt it.
I really admire you with learning to play an accordion and the penny whistle. I always wanted to learn to play the piano. Both my parents played well but somehow I never went for lessons :-((
Hope the rest of the week goes well for you. Diane

Vera said...

Diane, I started learning the piano when I was very young, and have continued to play throughout life, but my children don't play. They were never interested!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Darn near as bad as having a child gone and you don't know where! I imagine you were fighting panic. Problem is, Vera, I have a wild imagination and I amaze myself with what horrible things I can think of that may happen. Awful. Not a drop of rain for us. S'awful. I am so glad they arrived home safe and sound!

Vera said...

Wsprsweetly.....I was quite calm about the whole event, but it was my husband who let his imagination run away with him! As for rain, we are having plenty of it, such that the river beside us has been full to overflowing, which has ended up with us having a considerable amount of flooding. Hope you get some rain soon, and hope we stop raining for a while so we can dry out!