Friday, 6 September 2013

Paddling about

So today, as I change, I went paddling.
Yesterday I did the same. 
The last of the high temperatures are just leaving us,
Lester is not chained to his computer any more,
so we wandered off to our river beach,
and paddled,
or rather, the dogs did,
we just got wet when they shook themselves by us.
It was a pleasure,
I paddled by default.

So then today, I also went paddling,
and it was another pleasurable experience.
For today,
I paddled in cement.
Yes I did!
With wellies on,
and garden rake in hand,
I paddled,
while Lester provided the cement for me to do so.

Four hours later,
and we were done.
One quarter of the sheep barn floor,
that is what we did.
And it is our first time of cementing a floor,
and I feel quite proud of us.

We have a manner about us,
Lester and I,
which encourages people to think that we are nonces.
Sometimes we even believe that ourselves.
But today we proved that we can do,
we had a go,
and we did.
Only three quarters of the floor left to do!


rusty duck said...

Oh well done Vera, and what fun... ?

Vera said...

Hi Jessica, actually it was fun. Trying to undo the aches and pains this morning was not quite so funny though!

Denise said...

Good grief! When I saw the blog post title I thought you were up to your armpits in Labartere lakes again. Just picked myself up from the floor following the shock!

Hurrah for successful concreting!

Vera said...

Denise, no, land still dry for the moment. Huge river beach now though, which apparently the river authorities will not have time to remove, so anticipate another bunch of Labartere Lakes during the winter!

Tommo said...

After four days of blazing sunshine, the clouds have finally rolled in up here in the Creuse region as well. Seems summer's finally over. Been a good 'un. Very impressed with your cement flooring. Well done!

Vera said...

Hi Tommo, nice to hear from you. Hope you are well and enjoying the last of the summer weather. We were impressed with our cementing efforts as well - didn't think we would ever have a go at doing such a task!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

It is amazing what one can do if you try. I put my hand to some plastering a couple of years back and although I say it myself it turned out very well. Hope you managed to stop paddling before it all set :-)) Have a good day Diane

Vera said...

Hello Diane, I can remember you doing something with the roof as well! And yes, I did get out of the cement before it started setting, and we did not allow the sheep to go in to the barn until the floor was good and dry. Didn't fancy having to chisel a stuck fast in cement sheep!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

great work on the floor! yay you! (not sure what a nonces is but if it means 'superterrific' then i agree!)