Saturday, 13 July 2013

Oh glorious,glorious, mess

It was all the fault of this:

....bought a while ago, it is a jam making pot, and still virgin.

2.5 kgs came off our apricot trees,
a low yield for sure,
but it is better than nothing.

5 kgs of apricots and peaches,
this is what I purchased in our local market.
It was not a happy day though,
could not remember hardly one word of French,
felt like a right dozo,
but tried not to be cross with myself, 
it was, 
after all,
a spankingly hot day,
during which one's head prefers not to be active.

7.5 kgs of mixed apricots and peaches,
de-pipped and cut up,
and oh what a sticky mess that made,
not to worry though,
nice pile of fruit to jam,
so all into the big jamming pot.

All was going well,
stuff gathered, 14 jars prepped, jam simmering,
jam setting,
hot jars brought over from the kitchen,
jars being filled,
oopps, all jars filled,
pan still filled with jam.

Lester to the rescue,
went hunting for more jam jars,
urgently washed and warmed them,
over to me to fill them,
but I was busy with trying to get the jars sealed,
and dammit, 
the elastic bands were rotted,
kept breaking, 
jars not sealing.
Oh bother.

Quick hunt in the cupboard,
found some spare elastic bands,

Lester piling the jam jars beside me,
filling them, 
hot jam all around.

Working fast.
Jar knocked over,
which was full of hot jam,
which drizzled happily 
all over the place. 

Not to worry,
carry on,
mop up later,
'"Lets get these jars sealed".

25 jars in total we made.

And this is the most glorious of messes
which I have ever made!

Below is my contribution to our end of season choir party...
DIY chevre soft cheese,
cheese biscuits made with DIY cow and goat cheddar.

Just to say, that I don't always get into a mess,
when I am doing things in the kitchen,
to be quite honest,
I seem to be able to drift into a state of messiness,
quite, quite, easily!


The Squirrel Family said...

Wow I thought I was messy lol

I must be more of an optomist, I always get out far more jars out than I ever neeed .......either that or I am rubbish at maths :)

your homemade contribution looks fab

Niall & Antoinette said...

Oh the cheese and biscuits look yummy :-)

I make quite a mess when I make jam too!

rusty duck said...

Always makes me laugh watching those cooks on the telly. No spills. Worktop, apron and hair pristine. Your way (and mine) far more like it!

Vera said...

The Squirrel Family, I really got caught out this time, mostly because I was thinking in pound weight and not kgs!

Niall and Antionette, those cheese biscuits were indeed quite yummy, I was hard put to take them to the choir party!

Jessica, glad to know someone else gets into a muck as well!

Zimbabwe said...

Ha ha, sorry I had to laugh as I know what jam making is like when you run short on bottles!! The worst mess I had was when one jar shattered as I put the jam in. It was hot, but I suspect there was a hair line crack that I had missed and the heat of the jam did it in. Enjoy the results. I am looking at our Miribelle trees, we are going to have them coming out of our ears, 4 trees are loaded to the hilt!
Have a good week. Diane

Vera said...

Diane, oh now that does wound messy! Am envious of those fruit trees of yours, ours are not fruiting this year because of the adverse spring weather. Not to worry, there is always next year. Wish I was near you, then I could 'help' you get through that harvest!