Sunday, 19 May 2013

A dopey day

I do far too much, this I know, but I am a workaholic I think, or is it because my mind gets so interested in things. Anyway, the cream separator has arrived from the Ukraine, not sure who delivered it, but I found it this morning sitting on top of the tractor which is parked up in the porch. I was pleased that it had arrived. Have been itching to have a go at making some cream so I can make some butter and buttermilk. 

However, the body of the separator needed to have oil put in it. A cup, said a lady on a YouTube vid. Three cups later and there was still no sign that it had enough oil in it. The project is now on hold until tomorrow because we have run out of oil. Lester said to give it a go anyway, but I said better not, better to wait until it was full. 

I have a dopiness on me today. Sunday-itus, that's what it is. I keep looking at the clock to see what time it is, and the hours are dragging. This is what is called 'having a rest'. This I do not do very well. Much better to be on the go. Be productive. To look back at the day and think of what one has done seems much more preferable than to say to one' self 'Gosh, that was a nice snooze on the settee I had'. Do I sound a little bit grumpy? It's this darn weather. I need the sun. My head needs serotonin. My body needs warmth. 

My replacement dehydrator arrived the other day. Have done some dehydrating in it. Wow! That's all I can say! Did some kiwi, apple, orange, and banana. Filled seven out of the nine trays. Filled several jars. Half now gone. The fruit was delish. Now we can snack virtuously, knowing that our nibbles are doing us good. 

Did I say that I was giving myself the day off today. And have I mentioned that I don't know what to do with myself. I have? Oh. 

We are in the middle of expectancy. Our smaller sow is in the middle of having piglets. We think. Since January we have closely watched her. 'Is she or isn't she' has been a favourite topic of conversation, and hardly a day goes by without us visually examining her. A few days ago her milk bar of an undercarriage looked like it was starting to fill up, and this morning she had a sort of pained expression on her face when I went to see why she was still in her hut and not outside eating her breakfast. She also did a 'Leave me alone' growl at Lester. I have had babies. My thoughts are with her. Best to leave her alone though. She would fret if we hovered. 

Think I might go and raid the dried banana pot, then I might make some goat cheese, then I could.......ah, but I am supposed to be having a rest. I promised myself I could have the day off last weekend when I was left in the kitchen to carry on sorting out the meat from the ewe we had dispatched the night before, then get the kitchen cleaned up, then cook dinner, and then do sundry other jobs, all of which I was getting on with doing while Lester played chess and watched films on his PC. I get narky when he does that. Go into drama queen mode, go all martyrish. 

So today I am having a day off and it is driving me crackers!


John Gray said...

Drama queen? must have been watching Eurovision!

Denise said...

Sun maybe on the way,Vera. It has been gorgeous here today, so here is hoping it is now heading in your direction!

I am now singing that song that goes, 'we're busy doing nothing, nothing the whole day through...trying to find lots of things not to do!'

Jean said...

It's not easy to rest when you are surrounded by jobs that need doing. Maybe you should treat yourself to a proper holiday and go away to somewhere where you can't do anything but relax.....if only, eh ??!!

rusty duck said...

I say every week that I will have a day off on Sunday.. but never do.
Pics of piglets please!!

SueC said...

I am a bit like you - a day off usually lasts a couple of hours at most before I get jumpy

Of course when the sun is shining it is easier!

Niall & Antoinette said...

Sometimes a rest is good even if you can't seem to settle.

It always took me at least 3 days at the end of a school year to "slow down" enough to sit and read a book and not twitch about.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

I have to say we may be kindred spirits - I find it difficult myself when I'm busy doing stuff and other members of the family are relaxing - especially our cat, Gem.
What is wrong with our persona that keeps us busy all of the time - damn....
Leon, not Sue.

Vera said...

John, must have a look for the Eurovision on YouTube!

Denise, when the sun does shine it will probably bake us to pieces!

Jean, a holiday? What's that!

Jessica, will post some piglet photos when they come out of their hut.

SueC, maybe if the weather had been warmer I would have been able to stop!

Niall & Antoinette, I am still in the slow zone today, and am now feeling chilled out. This is not a good thing as this is a working day!So it look like it takes me three days to unwind as well!

Leon, nice to know someone else is an 'on the go' person as well! Trouble is that when I do stop to take a break it takes ages to get going again!

The Broad said...

Vera, when I read about all the things that you do, I'm so exhausted that I need a rest! ;-)

Vera said...

The Broad, me too! When I re-read what I have written, I feel the same!