Sunday, 3 March 2013

Me, the dogs, the beach, and a drop of sun...

Not the best quality of video, but me and the camera did our best!

And for Diane, because she can't see the videos: 

Gussy and Maz on our new beach

The new, but temporary, beach

The two girls


Elise giving you a kiss

The rear end of Bools, and Blue

Wishing you a happy Sunday.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Thanks so much Vera for thinking of me, I really appreciate it. The beach looks like fun. I so enjoyed that kiss as well. Hopefully all will dry out now and the temperatures will increase Take care Diane

rusty duck said...

Lovely video.

Those pups have certainly got plenty of energy!

And the beach is incredible. It really does show the force of nature doesn't it.

SueC said...

Happy Sunday Vera
loved the tour down to the river. Great beach - hope you get lots of time to enjoy it in the summer

Vera said...

Diane, Glad you enjoyed the kiss from Lissie!

Jessica, I shall enjoy that beach while it is there!

SueC, I shall make sure that I find time to enjoy the beach, because next year it won't be there!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Love the video Vera. Those Pups sure are growing. Maybe they will put the gravel back to where it came from, your land.

Vera said...

Horst, I wish they would put the gravel back, but they won't. There is tons of it this year, but c'est la vie!

Denise said...

I see many a barbecue on the beach this summer, Vera! It is very special to live in a place that is constantly changing.

Vera said...

Denise, you are right, and this morning Spring arrived! Woooppeee.