Sunday, 24 February 2013

The dregs of a hissy fit

Well it was darn cold this morning out in the Tall Barn, but the milking went very smoothly, and everyone was calm. I even had a lovely moment with Rovi while Ice Cream was being milked. Must be about our sixth day doing this early morning task, and we are now getting into the swing of it. Fitting a new task into an already busy day does make for a bit of stress, especially if one's house is being hammered away at by Jean Pierre & Co, and I must admit to having one hell of a hissy fit yesterday afternoon, sparked off by the feeling of drowning in a sea of mess and dust.

My shouty hissiness was further fuelled by the arrival of a couple we know who took it upon themselves to bring their French neighbours along for a visit, in other words, they needed to fill in some time so thought they would come and have a gawk at us. And this couple don't do anything, just drift along, and there are others like that here...that when they have visitors and don't know what to do with them, they bring them here. And most times we are messy because that is the way it is at the moment, and we are always made to feel somehow as if we are specimens in a zoo. And when we were flooded, along they came with their cameras 'to have a look'. Crikey, but crikey!

Perhaps we should start charging gate money, so we can earn a bit of dosh to put towards the smallholding. 

Perhaps we should learn the word 'no'.

Perhaps we should start being rude. 

But yesterday, those French neighbours of this couple stood and complained that it was cold, that they didn't like dogs, and could they go and sit in the car. F*****  *****ff then!! 


Now I would not like to give the impression that I am still hissing, because I am not. But I do wonder about the ignorance of people sometimes, especially people who need to fill in time, who are drifting along in life, who are bored, who need entertainment, and who have a blankness upon their faces when we mention anything to do with smallholding life. 

There! I feel better! So perhaps there were still some shreds of hissiness left in me! 

The stairs are drying, and have not fallen down yet. 

It is cold, but dry. 

Lucy, the cat, is now free to wander round the house and get to know the dogs. She is not, however, particularly keen to do so at the moment so may need encouragement. The puppies have developed a passion for making excavations in her litter tray.

The puppies did no poo over night, except one little puddle, but they had me up three times to go outside to toilet. It was freezing cold standing outside in the middle of the night while they went to the loo. They don't like to go outside on their own. They like to have company. 

Now have seven litres of milk in the freezer, and four in the fridge. Well done our goats. It is a start. They are not big milk producers, but we are novices so it is better that we are not overwhelmed with too much milk coming into the kitchen at the moment. 

Hope you have a happy Sunday. We have had a drop of snow, about five snowflakes actually, but it has snowed! Hope you are staying warm wherever you are. 


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I think I would have had more than a hissy fit, and I am sure I would have been rude!!!

We have just had a few flakes of snow as well, hopefully it will be nothing more. Yesterday with the wind factor I gather the temperature here was -12C. No fun at all.

Keep warm. Diane

Vera said...

Diane, I think I must learn how to be rude, and stop being so soft with these people!

Niall & Antoinette said...

Do you know I think I would have had a full blown diva fit!!

You could consider a cat flap... We have always had one as we refuse to "do" litter trays. [your puppies could use it too meantime.]

We live out in the sticks but decided to have one here too and we've never had any 'invaders' via the cat flap [moved in in August 2010]

Cold here; we had a powdering overnight and flurries all day.

John Gray said...

-a hissy fit!
My mother used to define one as a " flounce with attitude"

Vera said...

Niall & Antoinette, good idea about the cat flap, but we only have a thick old oak door to put it in, and since the door must be as old as the house, it is possible that that door might fall apart if hacked in to to make a cat flap! But will file the idea away for future reference.

John, I think 'flounce with attitude' would be a good description! I can do flounce very well, and my attitude, crikey I can 'do' megga attitude when the need arises!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

we had to take down our "farm tours" sign... the geese are too unruly, the dogs dont want to be visitor's friends, and i have work to do. now we tell people they can come - but "everybody plucks." that keeps most of them away. ;-)

Horst in Edmonton said...

I would have had a talk with the neighbor as not to bring ignorant people around as your place is a working small holding.

Vera said...

Ohiofarmgirl, you seem to have managed to find the right way of keeping time wasters away from your door, and well done you for doing so. We shall toughen up, especially since we are getting busier on the smallholding.

Horst, we thought that we would do exactly that!