Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Sunday afternoon

Haymaking, that is what we were doing today. In baking hot sun, Lester was scything, and I was walking around with a huge pile of cut grass over my head looking like a proper-type of farm girl, the pile of grass being hefted on my shoulder by a garden fork.

Then it got too hot.

Then we went indoors (early afternoon). Then a friend came round to collect his rabbit who had been having a jolly with one of our boy rabbits, the friend’s rabbit being a female. Then our friend got under our car because on the way home from a rehearsal on Friday afternoon the car had done an almighty cracking sound followed by humungous rattles so I had to drive at ten miles an hour through winding country roads with the hazard warming lights on hoping I would not get bumped into by a faster travelling car, anyway our friend had a look under the car and said to get the car to his place later on that afternoon so he could have a look at it.

Then we had a quick lunch.

Then we lay on the bed (me and Lester, our friend having left) and had a pow wow about the car and decided that we would put it into the garage because we needed it fixed pronto. Then Lester rang our friend to let him know this. Then he came back to bed for a nap, but I got up without a nap because I had to go outside and turn the hay in the Side Field, the Front Garden, and the Kitchen Field so that its under sides would dry. The I went back to join Lester. Then we had a sleep for an hour.

Then I put the hay to bed for the night by raking it up into piles. Then I picked up the sheep’s poo in the Sheep Paddock. Then I brought the dry hay in. Then I made a couple of DIY hay bales. Then I gave up and went inside because the midges were fearsome in their need to have a drop of my blood.

Things I learnt today:

That lying in the hay is a very frolicsome thing to do. At least I think it would be a frolicsome activity, but I had to make do with lying across the hay piled high in my wheelbarrow. It did have an odd effect on me though and I fetched up with feeling like I wanted to get into the wheelbarrow and have a proper lie down on it. Must be my age. Or too much sun. Or both.

That applying vinegar to the mozzie bites seems to calm the itching.

That it is nice to have friends who write to you about what they are doing on Sunday afternoons.

That hay making is very good for the soul.

That it would be nice to have a helping hand with the haymaking task though. Any offers?


Horst in Edmonton said...

Oh Vera, if I didn't have my problems with my hips and had some big money I would come there and help you for sure, but I have no money, so I can't come.

Vera said...

Horst:...but the thought is there that you would come if you could, and thank you for that.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Sounds like the car will need money as well. Frolicing in the hay sounds inviting.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I used to love hay making at a friends farm in the UK. It is definitely good for the soul on a sunny day. Wish you were a little closer.

Hope that the car gets fixed ASAP and it is not too expensive. Take care Diane

Vera said...

Leon and Sue, hay does make one feel a tad naughty!

Diane, I wish you were closer as well!

Niall & Antoinette said...

If we were closer I'd come and lend a hand. Suspect I'd be completely useless but it would be fun to try.
Hope the car is fighting fit again soon [and that it isn't too pricy]