Monday, 9 April 2012

Ma noow hat and other things

"Quality time with your husband" Hubs said as I pulled the roll of wire to tension it so he could fix it to the strands of tensile wire. Fencing is what we were doing. I had not felt much like fencing, seeing as how it was Sunday, and a bit of a dreary day for being outside, so I had thought to spend the day on my sewing maching in an attempt to reduce the pile of mending that had built up, mostly my clothes due to loss of weight. Hubs thought that it was a day to get on with the fencing which is not my favourite job in the world because my job is to stretch the roll of wire. It is tiring, boring, and chilly work for me. But I had brought my chair out in to the field with me so I could have a sit down now and again.
I knew it was going to rain, and it did. We were in the farthest paddock with no coats. Not to worry. I had a hat.....

....and I didn't get very wet, just my sleeve.

Early yesterday a man came and bought three of the lambs. Hubs  is not overly enthused with the selling of our animals. He said that the lambs looked at him with a, "What are you doing to me" look in their eyes when they were being put into the man's car. Two more lambs are due to go next weekend, to a lady not far from us. The flock is slowly being reduced. The grass is now growing. One of the sheep has a runny bottom. It can happen at this time of the year. This first growth of grass is very rich. Have not washed her down yet as it is still quite chilly. No flies, you see. Flies + mucky botties = maggots = disaster, as we found out last year.

And so what is this! A new loo tent? Noooooo! A new porchway into the house? Nope. Our very own Tardis? NooooOOOOoooo! It is our brand new greenhouse. Ok, so it is a tad on the small side, but it will start our seeds off. Have done the tomato seeds. Can squeeze a few more pots of something or other in. Now it is weighted down with pots, hopefully our baby greenhouse will withstand any puffs of wind which may try to take it away and turn it into a kite.

Thought that the numbers of chickens in the fig tree were not as many as usual. Thought I would go find the eggs, which I have not done due to inclement weather, and indeed eggs in plenty I found. Here a nest, there a nest, oh yes and in that corner a nest, and over there another one. And the reason why there were not so many hens up the tree was because three of them were sitting on three of the nests. Fodder for the magpies and crows, that is what these chicks are likely to become if those eggs hatch because in three weeks time those predatory birds will be driven frantic by the need to feed their young, so they will keep a close watch on what is happening here. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Our young fruit trees are in full blossom now.

And a question for moi: "Why do you take photos on rainy days which makes the photos look dark and gloomy?"
And moi answers back: "Because when it is dry and sunny I am too damned busy working!"

Hope you are having a good Easter break. When the mist rises we shall be out fencing again, but with my plastic chair to sit, or use as a hat, once the weather decides what it is going to do.

Our escapee Tamworth piglets:


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Most of our blossom went AWOL the other night when we had a mini storm with some hail. I hope that we will still get some fruit.

I have to agree, sunny days there is little time to play around with photos and blogs, too much to do.

Wish I could watch your video but I did try. Our slow connection quite simple cannot cope.

Hope you had a good working Easter :) Take care Diane

John Gray said...

I had to laugh.. thought the new greenhouse was your new shower room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vera said...

Diane, I am not sure that all our blossoms are going to grow into fruit, because the weather has been too cold for the bees to fly. Hope your trees were not too damaged, and hope that both of us can harvest sufficient fruit to make a few pots of jam.

John, the rate the builder is going it may well be that it will be used as a shower room!

Niall & Antoinette said...

love the "hat"!
Our young fruit trees have blossomed nicely--so here's hoping we get our first fruits this year even if it is only a token apple, pear or plum.

Vera said...

Niall and Antoinette, I do so hope you get some fruit off your trees. We got a small harvest off our fruit trees during their first year, so here's hoping you do too.

DUTA said...

Very good pictures and video!

I like your fruit trees in blossom and the chickens on the fig tree.
The piglets and dogs in the video, are very cute; so is your laughter.

Vera said...

Duta, glad you enjoyed the vid and shared my laughter!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Vera we also have had very few bees around, worrying but little we can do about it. Diane

Vera said...

Diane, methinks that this cold weather is going to knock the soft fruits on the head, but the apples are still not open so perhaps those bees will appear for those blossoms.