Friday, 16 March 2012

The rotovating team

Wahooo! Temperatures suddenly gone loopy and up around 24C they have gone. Seems strange that only three weeks ago we were down to the minus 10's. Also, about three weeks ago I decided that enough was enough, that I my list of things to do each day was just plain silly, and that something had to go. And that something was the veg plots. No veggies this year, that is what I decided. It was a relief. Veggies are hard work. Mind you, the end result is worthwhile, the same as everything else when it comes to smallholding life. So, no veggie growing activities for me this year. sun arrived, and I suddenly found within myself a fierce yearning to connect with the veggie plots. Realisation also came to me that I am a lost soul. I am addicted. So on to the Internet I went and ordered the veggie seeds for this year. Why order over the Internet? Because I can take time to make my list and then trim it down to fit my budget. It is less complicated as well. Standing in front of hundreds of seed packets in a shop does my head and I either spend too much or can't make a choice so end up with buying none.

Now all that has to be done is get the ground dug. With the mechanical rotovator now dead forever it is now left up to the living rotovators to do the work: me and MumTessy.

This photo was taken by Claudine at the Chambre d'hote opposite to us. It is me doing rotovating on the three long strips of furrows ploughed up by Hubs in December. It is hard work. It will take me a long time. But, MumTessy to the rescue:

First of all we electric fenced a nice portion of field plus half the long veggie strips. Exactly half the length actually because I walked the entire length of the strips and divided it in half so MumTessy and me had fair shares of the work.

We opened up the gate into MumTessy's paddock so she could access her rotovating task only she preferred to linger in the runway to the paddock. This she was not supposed to do. Rotavate the path, that is what she decided to do.

Ah well, hopefully she will get over to the proper rotovating area soon.

And this little one appeared to day, by surprise.....

This hen had cosied herself up behind the grain bins. We didn't know she had done so. On cold concrete she must sat because no nest could we see. First we knew was when Hubs heard cheeping sounds accompanied by Mum Hen clucking at him to keep away. She must have been sitting during the really cold weather. Well done this hen. Forever we shall regard her as a stirling trooper.

Oooppss....Hubs has just yelled that the piglets have bye for now...


Leon and Sue Sims said...

Your spring is our autumn, mid 20s is very pleasant.

Horst in Edmonton said...

I wish I could help you with the prep on the Veggie garden. The momma pigs have there own minds on what they want to dig up. Not that reliable.:-)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Hope you managed to catch the escapees LOL. That chicken is amazing hatching that chick and sitting through the cold weather.

The last few days have been beautiful but think next week is going to be a bit cooler :-( Diane

Nezzy said...

Yep, we used to raise those porkers right after we were married and one thing I remember...they loved to escape!!!

This weather is unreal everywhere. I think Mother Nature is bi~polar this year!!! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself one fantastic week!!! :O)

Vera said...

Leon and Sue, mid 20's is indeed a very nice temperature!

Horst, could do with some help as well...and you are right about mum pigs...they do not dig the ground up in the place that you what it dug up in!

Diane, glad the temperatures are going to cool down a bit, only it does not seem quite right to have such high temperatures at this time of the year, although it is nice to have the warmth after those very cold days. Can get out in our veg plots!

Nezzy, God bless you too.