Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I've moved out.......

....yes I have. Not too far though, just from front to back.

So here is the new cooking area. It is the other side of the pot rack. It is what will be the food storage area eventually, where the freezers will be kept and other sundry equipment necessary for running a smallholder's kitchen. It is chaos.

In front of the pot rack is stuff. Another rollicking pile of chaos.

All this stuff came from out of here:

...... which is the once upon a time temporary kitchen. That is not chaotic because I am not in it anymore. I've moved out. Jean Pierre and Danny have moved in. They are going to do the ceiling. They keep their stuff in the hallway

It is tidy, and not chaotic. That is because it is the builder's stuff and nothing to do with me.

But this is to do with me. And here is where another load of stuff went, mainly my sewing machine plus boxes of fabric and my knitting machine plus my boxes of wool:

....the lounge! Which is now another area of chaos.

So loads of areas to be un-chaosed! And all to do with me! Would that suggest that I am a chaotic person? Probably!

Hubs, meanwhile, sits quietly in the middle of it all, working away on his PC:

Anyway, Fuzzy Sideburns and her adopted chick are still doing well:

But, I digress........A problem has arisen. It's this......

Now this elegant loo was put in place over the loo-outlet hole by Ron, a friend of ours. It sat on a nice plinth, thus raising the position of the loo to a really comfy height. The only downside was that we had to 'water' the loo after using its facilities, and we did this by means of the watering can.

At first the loo sat by itself, but then Jean Pierre and Danny came and built a nice walled space to enclose it. They they left. After several months they came back to continue work. They moved the loo off its perch. It is now in temporary retirement. Needs must, though, and this is what we have to use when those needs surge: the Woodshed we go! The very Woodshed which once was our office and housed our computers:

Then over to the house we went, and the Office became the Woodshed. And here is where we go to the loo. Beside the loo is one of boxes the hens use for laying eggs in. It is all very chummy here! So far the chickens and us have not had to keep company with each other during rear-end business.

And so life continues on at Labartere. I am sitting  amongst a pile of chaos which needs sorting out. It is thus in all the habitable areas of the house. I think that I need go do a raid on my fridge. What is in my fridge? Why its the Baileys of course! And while I am on a Baileys forage I just might come across that bar of chocolate which was put away for emergences. And then, I think, it is off to bed and start again tomorrow!


John Gray said...

oh dear,,,, i feel as though I have just watched the refugees from wartime bombed Coventry

Horst in Edmonton said...

Oh my goodness, that sure is chaos. Hopefully it won't be long until you are able to move everything back. Have fun with the renovations.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

There is nothing worse that being moved around the house, while you, or builders are working in the part you want to be. As for the loo, well I can just imagine, you must feel a bit like you are back in the caravan!! Keep well Diane

Jean said...

Oh Vera, you deserve a medal for all this !!

Vera said...

John, I felt like I was in the middle of the blitz too what with the smoke that flooded the place when I forgot to switch off the chip pan! Hubs growled at me too, saying he didn't think it right that I should be trying to burn the place down when he is trying to get it built!

Horst, renovating a house sure does stretch the patience as the ongoing chaos carries on for us. Not to worry, though, we keep smiling - just!

Diane, you are absolutely right about feeling like we are back in the caravan. Oh happy days!

Jean, a medal? Gee, I could do with some donations of patience instead!