Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Man jobbies (1)

This lovely rounded man-rump belongs to Hubs / Head Woodcutter.

And the time has come for the chopping of the wood. First a local farmer came with his mighty powerful chainsaw to cut the beams of wood into more manageable pieces. Then this lovely helpful farmer-man showed Hubs / Trainee Woodcutter how to chop those pieces into smaller pieces. With a hefty axe he did this. His own hefty axe, as we did not own such a powerful implement at that time. Oh we had found some old axe heads about the place but with no long wooden handle attached to them.....well, they were best used as artfully placed decorative pieces dotted here and there about the place. Thought it gave authenticity to our petite ferme!

Anyways, our helpful farmer brought his axe with him to show Hubs the art of 'Chopping of the Wood'. Hubs face was a joy to watch as he did his first swing at the log and with a wallop the log shattered into several pieces which were just the right size for our small log burner. Then off indoors he went to get on with his computer work.

Later on, however, when the day was nearing its close, Hubs made a quick dash outside. I thought it was to water the flowers as men tend to do when certain needs are upon them, but no! A few minutes later, with much mortification, he flung himself through the door to announce that the farmer's axe was now dead, it having become deceased on the second thwack of the log.

'Twas not good, this killing of the axe.

But not to worry. Off to the shops he went, to purchase three more axes. A fairly light weight one for himself, which he ever so graciously said that I could borrow should I feel the need to do a bit of chopping myself which I won't seeing as how I am a lady fair so do not have the arm muscles required to heave that monster of an axe over my head  to make a chop, but I thanked him nicely for thinking that I might like to have a go. The second axe was slightly heavier than the first, and was to be given to the farmer-man to replace his now dead axe. He also purchased a long wooden handle to go with the now handle-less axe head. Then the third axe....crikey but that is a monster and ever so heavy that I can hardly lift it. Hubs has been banned from using this until he is efficient with wood cutting. He does have a tendency towards being accident prone, so I think the lighter weight axe should do less damage should it connect with his leg.

Da Daaaaaa!



John Gray said...

I would love you man in my neck of the woods... just for an afternoon!
it would be so useful!!!!!

Horst in Edmonton said...

The chopping of the wood is great exercise, when I lived on the farm I chopped many a huge pile of wood. I loved chopping wood. It was like therapy. When I was done I felt real good. I also went through a few axe handles. The wood piles were 2 to 3 times taller than I was. My Father also enjoyed chopping wood.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Looks like hard work to me! N has just been splitting logs that came from a couple of trees we had to take down for various reasons. He also borrowed an axe and splitter but thankfully it was returned intact LOL. Diane

Nezzy said...

Awwww, this is one chick who knows there's nothin' like backin' up to a warm fire when your chilled to the bone!!!

Love my fireplace!!!

When Geek Son was a teen he was in charge of splittin' the firewood. He kept breakin' the handles (I think it was a well thought out plant to get out of the job).

Hubs bought the last handle and made a metal collar for it near the axhead itself. It never broke again! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya sweetie and have a fabulous day!!!

BTW: There's a giveaway over at my place...I'll leave a light on for ya! :o)

Vera said...

Hi John: Sorry, would lend him out but he needs to keep the home fires burning here!

Hi Horst: Hubs says that he finds it therapeutic as well. And he has managed not to break any more axe handles as well!

Hi Nezzy: Thanks for the advice about the metal collar for the axe head. I shall impart this knowledge to Hubs when next he breaks the shaft of his axe!