Sunday, 16 October 2011

A drop of the hard stuff!

So as the days are shortening, and the temperatures are dropping but only at night here because the heat of the day is still quite strong although not so strong as on the hottest of summer days. But, anyway, winter is a-coming. 

And so it is necessary to start swigging again. But I don't swig in the evenings, nor do I partake during the day. No, I am an early morning swigger. 

However, it is not of the alcohol that I swig, it is this delightful concoction:

No capsules for me. 'tis the hard stuff I imbibe. The juice. The liquid. The runny stuff. 

And yes, it does have an awful taste, and can produce hiccoughs which bring bits of it back up into the mouth. However, it does one good. Yes it does. And I have found a method of taking it which reduces the pain of the taste: Fill one spoonful, thrust it into the mouth with some vigour, gulp it down quickly, repeat for the second spoonful, have one slice of cake and a hot drink to follow. Done.

So why do I take Cod Liver Oil? Well years ago I ran a dress shop making clothes for the larger ladies. I had a client who used to buy from me, and she was in much pain with arthritis. I didn't see her for a while. Then she popped into the shop. She was totally changed. Gone was her bent over appearance and grey face. Instead she was bright, upright, and perky. Apparently she had been taken into hospital, only to be told that there was nothing that could be done, and that she would be in that state of being for the rest of her life. My mum was told virtually the same thing at that time, when she visited the doctor about knee problems. They would probably medicate you up to the eyeballs now, but this was thirty years or so ago when they didn't.

Anyway, what both my mum and this lady did, was to self medicate, and on to Cod Liver Oil they went. To be taken first thing in the morning. Neat. (But could be put in a drop of milk to get it down the throat). 

And thus I also became a CLO addict. When I stop taking it, I go stiff. When I take it, I go unstiff. 

Have just had my swig of the day. It is 6am. I have also had a piece of lemon cake, and working my way through a cup of drinking chocolate. Life is good!

Just to mention: the geese trio have started talking to the rabbits. Not sure what they are saying, but they are having a chat. Did some fencing yesterday. Nearly done now. Sheep, therefore, will have more pasture which is a good thing as they are munching at great speed at the moment and all are looking fat and round after spending the day scalping the two fields upon which they feed at the moment. 

Did some shelling of sweet chestnuts. Did an internet search to find out what to do with the nuts. Looks like some serious hard work to get those nuts out of the shells. Might give them to the pigs instead. An idea came into my head in the middle of the night. It was to use the tractor to rip apart the four old hay bales remaining from last year which are looking straggly and untidy out front.  Lester enthused with the idea. Any excuse to get on his tracky and do farmer boy stuff. Worked wonderfully well. I was happy because I do not have to spend hours trying to get the hay off the bales any more (we are using it for animal bedding). Lester was happy because he had had a play on his tracky. The dogs were happy because they had had a bark at us all. The pigs were happy because they had head high bedding to snuggle up into. The sheep, well the sheep sort of looked happy but preferred not to be bothered by their new bedding. Instead, they wondered off to see if any more pears from the ancient pear tree had fallen on the ground which could be eaten, and then they lay down on the grass to sleep. All in all, a good farm-type day. 

Burping ever so gently after the CLO swigs, I continue on into my day. Hope you have a good day too. 


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I take the capsules and I still often get the taste return! Don't think I could manage swigging it! Diane

John Gray said...

now I would take it too vera as long as I could dribble it in with some gin!

Ken Devine said...

Interesting, Vera. Why not the capsules?

Horst in Edmonton said...

Now that may be a good Idea to take some Cod Live Oil every morning. Will have to try it, maybe it will keep my knees from going bad.

Vera said...

Diane, swigging is definitely for the brave. Or daft! Either way, welcome oh fellow Cod Liver Oil addict!

John, ah now! Gin at 6 / 7 in the morning? Crikey but I would have to go back to bed to recover, me being only just about able to manage a glass of Ginger Wine before feeling the after effects!

Ken, I don't seem to be able to digest the capsules, and they seem to sit in my chest. They do the same with my mum. Could be that this is a problem I have inherited from her!

Vera said...

Horst, loved that photo/picture you have just posted. It is, for me, the best one you have done so far, mostly because of the way it drew me into it, and making me want to write.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Thank you Vera, if you could only see the amount of work that that photo needed. I did a lot of burning and dodging, mostly burning. Then there was all the fixing to get rid of all the mold and other stuff that was growing on it. There were a lot of artifacts that came about with the sharpening I had to do, and all the contrast I had to add. Basically it was a repair job, then I added the magic. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun to see how it came together. Maybe I should start to teach the use of Photoshop. Have a great day and a great week.

Anonymous said...

'the running stuff' - I like the expression. I learn a lot of english from reading your posts.

I take a daily gel capsule of Omega 3 extracted from fish; could it be similar to cod liver oil? excuse my ignorance. Anyway, I feel it does me good.

Vera said...

Horst, I think it would be a great idea to give some helpful hints about how you make your creations. I, for one, would find it very interesting.

Duta, I think your omega 3 is probably similar to what I take. Keeps those aches and pains away, that is what I have found anyway. Lubricates the inside, that's what CLO does.