Thursday, 28 July 2011

Strewth, but don't I feel nervous!

Two days to go. That is what it says on the lid of the incubator wherein sit six eggs, one of which I know is infertile but I left in in there anyway, just in case. So I had a look at the instructions but had to go on the Internet to read them seeing as how the instruction pamphlet send with the incubator is in French, even though it was purchased from a UK company who posted it out to us.

And I have got all of a dither. Had to get the eggs out of the incubator, remove the tray which rolls the eggs, put some paper on the base to catch sundry bits and pieces which could occur should the eggs hatch. And I am in a right flumox with it all! After all, they are just eggs. Plenty more where they come from. Um, well that is not exactly right although the hens are laying eggs somewhere but it is just about locating the spot-of-the-day where they have deposited their eggs, the 'spot-of-the-day' changing daily. But we could try to incubate more eggs if necessary, that is what I am saying.

And so why do I feel so darned nervous! Stomach churning. Heart doing a bit of a race. And all I did was carry the incubator into the kitchen to take the turning rack out, but was so tensed up with trying not to jolt the eggs - perhaps that is why I feel so nervy. Did have a look at an egg to see whats happening inside of it, but all I could see was a black blob, so put it back into the incubator quickly.

That sheep got out again today, the mum of the twin lambs. When I tried to do a super duper shepherdess-herding-the-flock stance, she just looked at me long sufferingly. Didn't take a bit of notice. So I put her back in the Sheep Barn, the piglets having vacated the area to have a doze in their part of the Paddock. Good job too. Took ages filling in the ruts and holes they had made yesterday. Anyway, the ewe has been moaning about being back in her barn for the last hour, but there she will stay until the rest of her mates are brought back in from the field.

So urgent effort now in force, and that is to get the rest of the fencing up so she can't escape again. Should have that finished this weekend. And then the piglets are going to have the space, which is the hedge copse.

Off to do battle with the brambles so Hubs can get the fencing wire up, trying to get rid of this irrational nervousness along the way - I hope!

The next morning: re: my nervousness for which there does not seem to be any reason. Upon reflection I have come to the conclusion that it is because for the last nineteen days the incubator has done a twirl of the egg tray every half an hour during those days. And the sound it makes as it does so is quite cheerful, as if to say " I'm on the ball, I'm doing my bit, I'm making life".

I think hearing the incubator 'talk' has sort of involved me more than it would have done if it had been in the barn. And seeing inside the egg as well. Seeing life being created.

It would seem that this little incubator has made quite an impact on me!

Ah well, off into my day now. Hope your day is a good one, and bye for now.....


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Think I would also be nervous if I was hatching eggs!! Diane

Vera said...

Oh thanks Diane! Was feeling a bit silly about being so nervy! Nice to know someone else would feel the same!