Tuesday, 9 November 2010

She has, she isn't, and the awning?

January 2010

BEFORE: This, then, is the old 'kitchen' caravan. With awning still pristine, everything intactus.

November 2010

Oooohhhhdeearrr! And so the now redundant kitchen caravan has a new hat to wear: the awning. Taken up into the air and repositioned by one of the huge blasts of wind which came visiting during the night.

And so we have a mucky mess: mostly loads of assorted gardening paraphanalia, the old camping twin tub washing machine with which I had many a merry moment until the advent of the new washing machine, the old washing machine kindly donated by friends but which konked out after a couple of months, and the chicken.

And she has! Up off the nest she came a couple of days ago, to have a feed. And I had a look at her nest in the dustbin. A broken egg shell. And  a baby chick. So she has / had one hatchling. I say 'had' because I have not seen it since, and don't like to get her off the nest to have a look, because this hen has, with remarkable stoicism, sat tightly upon her nest, despite the awning flapping and blowing about around her

She ought to be moved. Not sure where we can put her though. We have minimal barn space here. Could have done with having the roof of the Tall Barn finished, but no sign of that being done any time soon. So she will have to keep camping out in her dustbin.

As for these two:

They continue to lay seige to the front door, waiting for the appearance of Dad Hubs so he can feed them. They are the lowest of the pecking order here, being the littlest and youngest, but are doing well nonetheless. Just wrecking my plants round the door, that's their fav pastime. But I suppose their thinking is, that while they wait for grain, that they may as well have a munch on what else is available. They are sleeping in Bool's old puppy kennel at night. Seems to suit them.

On the piggy front: Tess. Is she or isn't she? She isn't. Upon frequent examination of her posterior, we have noted an increasing pinkiness. So, no, no babies were made last time. Which is just as well really, as we are still in the process of building another paddock. And Max has quietened down as well, which is a relief. Although he still lays his ears back and dribbles and snorts when Hubs is anywhere near him. I keep telling Max that Hubs is not interested in Tess as a possible mate, but he doesn't listen. Like all males,  he seems to switch his hearing off when it suits!

Copious amounts of rain have fallen over the last day or two, but the temperature remains quite mild so we haven't had fires on during the day. But we have had our newly purchased electric blanket switched on all night. OoooohhH! Getting into that bed, out in the caravan, which is toasty warm, is like getting into a deep bath of lovely warm water. I slide into those sheets, and submerge myself into the welcoming warmth. It is quite, quite delightful! And I firmly push to the back of my mind any stray thoughts about being electrocuted and should I wear PJ's just in case.

Thinks we have learnt: That it takes team effort to get a smallholding up and running, and that patience is a 'must have' requirement in regards to the animals one has on one's smallholding. They all have individual needs, and will not hesitate to speak if they are upset or in need. Not only are we having to learn French, we are also having to learn the body language and vocal language of thirty six other beings. Patience, as I say, is a 'must have'.  

And so: what are we going to do about the seeds to be sown next year now the awning has become a hat, having been recycled from its previous role as our potting shed. Don't know. So will await inspiration on that one.

Meanwhile: Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Hello there Vera,
You can have a welcome breather on the pig project now that you know Tess in not pregnant. Would they have had to be separated if she were pregnant?
Sorry to hear that you are suffering from wind and weather problems, but what a delight that electric blanket must be.
Best wishes Ondine xx

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Ooooooops!! Diane

Vera said...

Hi Ondine: Yes, Max and Tess would have to have been separated, but they need separating now really, as I think Max gets on Tess's nerves because he is so boisterous. That electric blanket: wow!

Diane: Indeed, 'OOooooopps!'

DUTA said...

Thanks for the update regarding Max and Tess.

Indeed, as you say, patience is a 'must have'.
It seems you and your hubby have lots of it. You're really Something, the two of You!
I wish you everything goes smoothly on your smallholding!

Roz said...

If for any reason the electric blanket fails - I can absolutely recommend two fleece blankets, one below and one above. In the abscence of electricity they are absolute heaven! (and it's not even that cold yet is it!!!) xxx

Vera said...

Duta: Patience is something I am frequently in need of, and wish I could go top up my low levels from the supermarket!

Roza: Hope your cat is OK. He looked quite poorly in the photo, possibly because he was still zonko with the medication. No, it isn't cold yet, but the caravan gets damp and getting into a damp bed is 'orrid! Cold I can manage, but my bones don't like the damp!