Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ou est Hubs?

Hubs is absent from his post of Head Gardener/ Chief Shepherd/ Keeper of the Livestock, etc.


What do you notice. A Helpful Hint for you: Where is the electric fence? It is BEHIND Max. What does that mean? That the person taking the photo is standing beside Max. With him. In his pen. And now who does all these photo-shoots. Moi. 

And here is a really grotty photo of 'Moi'. But look where my hand is resting. On the back of Max! 

So with Hubs away from his post, it fell to me to feed les animaux. Rabs easy. Dogs easy. Max....ooh my tum went all silly as I turned off the electric fence, undid the gate, cocked my leg ever so high to get it over the electic wires, cocked the other leg over to join the first, and then I was into Max's space. Down went his head, into the food I had just put out for him. There it remained while I did his water bucket, and then I decided to give him a bit of a hug, which he took in good grace. 

But.......I did it. Next the sheep. Of late they have had to be called in, but not tonight. As I was having another nervous tummy spell, wondering how I was going to get them across the lane single handed, I saw them all gathered around the gate waiting for me, bless them. They were soft with me as I opened the gate, and did a straight and true gallop right into their Arbre, leaving me with tears in my eyes at the site of their bouncing rears. 

So: where is Hubs? Somewhere in France. In the campervan. With a lady. 

He is at this very moment bringing home our first female Tamworth pig. Apparently she went into the campervan very well, but did not like the curtains closed, so she opened them so she could have a look-see at what was going on. As Hubs travels along the roads of France, what are the French going to think, when they see an English plated campervan, with a reddish coloured pig looking out of the windows!

Hubs was worried about being stopped by the Gendarmerie. I said "Just say that you taking your lady pig out for the evening".


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Love that story, sure Max is going to be a very happy pig. Glad the sheep behaved for you. They must have known. Diane

TheChicGeek said...

Oh, Vera, I am giggling and smiling :) I have missed you so much! I see all is well in France and with your amazing and beautiful life...even in with the pigs...LOL

So good to visit.
I send you love and a big Hug!

Ken Devine said...

Hi Vera
Well done for stepping in.
Lets hope Hubs gets home soon with his lady.

Vera said...

Diane:) I think the sheep did know. When Hubs brings them in they seem to be at a distance from the gate, but when I bring them in they seem to be waiting in a bunch by the gate. Perhaps because I leave it until quite late, and they are starting to feel the need to get to bed, because as soon as they are in the Arbre they all tuck down for the night. Hope you had a good weekend.

ChiGeek:) Nice to hear from you again, and hope you are well. Also glad that I made you smile. Giving someone a smile makes the writing of the blog worth while. Stay cool.

Ken:) Hi. Hope all is well with you too, and that your French is coming along better than mine is at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vera,
Sounds to me as though you should be promoted to a higher rank of shepherdess, or maybe a bonus payment is in order? Something along the lines of the major share of a jar of plum jam perhaps! Mind, I don't think it is a good idea to hug the pig.
PS I used to find the BBC language courses good for French conversation, have you tried them?

Vera said...

Ondine: I think a promotion and a pay rise would be in good order too, so I will put it to Hubs at an opportune moment. Aw, hugging Max was a lovely moment, but it wasn't a really full on human type hug, just a friendly pat really. We have all the language courses, bought when in the UK. But the best way, for us, is talking to our French neighbours and friends. And laughing at our ineptitude. But thanks for the info anyway.