Thursday, 20 May 2010

Plus One Tamworth

And here he comes, our piggy. Brought by Roy & Son, who was at this precise moment delicately manoeuvering his 4x4 plus trailor backwards whilst trying to avoid the huge water filled hole infront of him (fosse come swimming pool) and the huge piles of stones and earth to each side.  Bools and Gus were helping, as was raincoated Hubs. 

 And it was done. Would our Tamworth come out of the trailor? 

Yes he would! And who was going to get the first zap from the electric fence? Gus. That's who. Couldn't resist stabbing his nose through the fence to have a 'look-see'. Nose met wire. And Gus got zapped. We  knew he had been because of the ruckus he kicked up. You would have thought he had been mortally wounded the fuss he made. Then a squeal of indignation meant that Max had got zapped. But Bools, well he never has been. And after those first zaps, neither have the other two again. 
And introducing Max. At this moment he was peeing in his water bucket which had been sunk into the ground upon instruction from Roy. Apparently Max can be a hooligan if buckets are left to sit free. 

And Hubs making friends with Max, which is not hard because he is a very friendly piggy, chatting away and generally being  sociable with all.  Including Bools and Gussy, who has taken it upon himself to be a hooligan by barking and carrying on like some fierce watch-dog providing the electric fence stays between him and Max. Bools stays aloof. 

And so we are: sixteen sheep,  six rabbits ( four babies have appeared), two dogs, one pig. Our menagerie is growing. Hola! 

Things I have learnt: that sometimes there is a need to rest. In another life-time. For the moment we keep busily pedalling our bike here at Labartere and hope we don't get a puncture anytime soon.


DUTA said...

Nice piggy. Welcome!
You've got quite a respectable menagerie. May God give you and your husband the neccessary energies to deal with these animals to the well-being of both sides!

Roz said...

He looks lovely! What's the plan - is he for breeding or eating (damn not having a working question mark!!).
I would love to pick your brains on your newfound - pig knowledge as it is something we are considering, but for now will watch your progress with interest!
Roz x
ps whats with the rain - gorgeous here today..

Tommo said...

Brilliant. Well done in adding a pig to the team. Apparently they're highly intelligent. Is a mate on the agenda?

Vera said...

Thankyou Duta for your blessing. I also hope that we will do well by our menagerie.

Roz:) Max is for breeding, and we chose the Tamworth because of their friendly nature, and also because of their lean-ness. They are not a 'fat' pig like the Gloucester Old Spots. We should be getting the 'girls' in a couple of months time depending on whether or not Lester(Hubs) has to go back to the UK to work. But we will have a family of pigs sometime in the future, the youngsters of the mums and Max being the ones which will be for selling on or recycling for the table.
And the rain? Max arrived last Sunday. Like you, we are having glorious sunshine today. If you want to have more info about pigs you can always give us a call.

Vera said...

Hi Tommo. Yes, a mate is on the agenda, and Max is indeed intelligent. He was very pleased when I showered him today whilst he was in his wallow and expressed his delight in a wide range of piggy language.