Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A day of sunshine

Man oh man but it has been cold here again. Not to worry, though, because the sun has blessed us with a blast of warmth today which melted all the winter aches and pains away. Back came my energy, which had seemed to be somewhere else of late, and I could feel my body becoming more co-operative as the day heated up. So, no. I am not to be a creaky old lady yet. 

And to prevent such creakiness coming on too soon, having become alarmed at the slowness of pace which me and Hubs seemed to have slid into during the late cold snap, I have ordered over the Internet....wait for it.......Cod Liver Oil. Yep! Cod Liver Oil. Liquid, not capsules. To be swigged first thing in the morning straight from the bottle. 'Yuk', I hear you say. And indeed I would also echo your 'Yuk'. It is, quite simply, vile. However, it is something that  must be done. Our joints need oiling, so needs must.
Today the builders turned up after an absence of nearly two months. Cheerily they waved at us as they drove up. Cheerily we waved back. It was good to see them. They have become like friends. So cups of English tea and pieces of homemade cake all round, and then they began laying the foundations for the front wall of the tall barn.

I wasn't going to do seeds this year. Too much to do elsewhere. However: as the sun came out so did my lusting for messing about with seeds suddenly spurt forth. Onto the Internet. Seeds ordered. Into the awning. Emptied that out. Going to be our 'potting shed'. 

And the joy of spending an hour this evening acting as a 'go-for' for Hubs / Head Gardener, who, as 'man-in-charge', had the task of putting soil in containers provided by moi, then planting the seeds, again as provided by moi. There is something about having soiled fingers. Of feeling the earth. Of watering the seeds. And the 'looking to see if any have come up yet' even though they have only been planted for all of an hour. Such simple things really. But so grounding. 

See this piece of chocolate? I would share it with you, but I have been busy in the 'potting shed' so need my energies revived. Hubs helped himself to a chunk of my choccy as well. Half actually. But then he needs his energies revived after his delicate finger work with the seeds. 

I think me, Hubs, and Labartere might just have started coming out of the winter hibernation, although we are still wearing layers of clothing. Would rather be a little sweaty than risk divesting ourselves of layers which might become essential should the winter still want to keep us company.

But today the sun shone with a fulsome strength. Hope the sun shone for you as well.


DUTA said...

Hi Vera,

Good to hear from you. I'm glad all's well.
As for cod liver oil, I think capsules of Omega3 are quite helpful, why go back decades for that yucky stuff.

Anyway I wish you warm, sunny days and easy, pleasant labour on your property!

Vera said...

Cod liver oil was recommended years ago by a very arthritic customer of mine, who took it neat before breakfast and made herself well. So I will stick to the tried and tested formula of taking a swig of it myself. Works when I remember to take it! And thanks for the warm wishes, and hope that your life is full of joyous labourings as well.

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Vera, I remember those cold, damp French winters and I'm glad to hear that it's starting to warm up. We've been blessed with some glorious weather here in the West Country so the CH has been busy preparing the first of his 6 vegetable plots. Reckon we could do with some of that yucky Cod Liver Oil. Bon courage!

Vera said...

Glad you have some sunshine as well, we all need it after this rather long winter. 6 veggie plots - Wow! Another veggie-growing person! Bon courage a vous aussi!

Ken Devine said...

Hi Vera
Nice to hear from you again. I've run out of the capsules, but a friend of mine has taken it neat all his life...he's now in his 90's and still drives and climbs ladders.

Is (was) the chocolate English?

Glad you are both thawing out.

Roz said...

You enjoy the chocolate - you need it to get rid of the taste of cod liver oil!! xx

Vera said...

Ken:) Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope I can still shimmy up and down ladders when I am 90 plus. And the choccy? French!

Roz:) Thanks for the Helpful Hint re: choccy. Normally have a munch of said delight in the evening, and t'other in the morning. However: under your most welcome advice, perhaps I should also partake of a nibble of choccy after the swig of Cod Liver Oil! Ooooh, yummy!

Barry said...

I'm glad the weather is improving. We've been having exceptionally warm weather for the past week.

I remember taking cod liver oil as a child. My three brothers and I having to line up each night to accept a horrendous spoonful of the stuff. Its a wonder we survived.