Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Gus's blog

(Translated from the French because he is a French dog)

Her and Him weren't very nice to me yesterday, and I think you should know that I was not very pleased with them either. After all, they have put me into my bed every night and then left me. How could they do that to moi? Aren't I cute enough? Don't I roll over onto my back so I look all cuddly? Or sidle up to them and give them body hugs? What more can I do? With Big Dog always making me behave and not letting me get very close to Her, I have to keep getting in with Him. He seems to like me. Keeps on patting me, and he seems to like me sitting under his desk because he keeps talking to me. I think that means he likes me.

A complaint: I am a doggy. I like to do doggy things. I can't play with Big Dog. He just keeps telling me off. So where am I to go for my fun and frolics? Over the road. That's where my fun and frolics are.

There is Lady Dog. Smaller than me so doesn't beat me up like Big Dog keeps wanting to do. And she calls to me. I can hear her voice when she is talking.

Well. I am not happy with not being with Him and Her and Big Dog all the time and feel lonely. Yesterday Big Mens arrived and opened up the gate and left it open. They come nearly every day and go high up on a pile of stones Him and Her call a house. I think we are all going to be moving in there, or so they say. Anyway, the gate was left open. I heard Lady Dog speaking. No fun here, so snuck out and over the road I went. Oh romps and folics, romps and frolics.

And then Him came and spoilt it all. I knew I was in the s***t because he growled at me in his 'bad' voice and put me on the long rope (lead). And then, dear reader, I know you will feel for my sorrow, to say that I was then put into my bed, and had the door shut on it. How could they do that to moi? How could they be so mean? I even did 'sweet doggy' to Her, but she growled at me too. Oh it was so bad of them.

They let me out. So to pay them back for their mistreatment of me, I went to where I had fun time and frolic time. Yes! I went back to the Lady Dog. Or tried to. They caught me in mid flight. Him and Her, looking at me with huge blackness. Oh dear! Not good. I dropped my rump to the ground. That was all I could do. Growling at me with big voices, Him and Her made it clear that I was in big time trouble. I had a momentary thought about continuing my way over to Lady Dog, but Him and Her really did big, big-time growls, so I didn't. Back into my bed I was put. The door became shut again.

Boy of boy but I was busting to go to pee and poo's. No walk this morning. Him and Her had an overnight visitor, so busy with him, not me and Big Dog.

Then surprise! my door was opened and off me, Her and Big Dog went for a walk. Down the lane. Tug. Oh how I hate that rope thing. Big Dog goes ahead and can have first sniff at all the delightful smells that abound. I have to wait until Her gets to them. I pull her along, but she walks so slow that I get quite a long way behind Big Dog. Oooooooh. Frustrating!

Then surprise! She took the rope thing off me. Wow! But I did a runner. Glorious to be free. Off I went. 'Like a rocket' she would say. I ran, and I ran, and I ran. I looked round. Oh. I couldn't see Her and Big Dog. Oh. I couldn't see anyone. I heard Her call me. No. I will run, and run and run. So I did.

And then the world seemed a very big place to a small dog like me. I couldn't hear Her. Oh. So I thought I ought to run back to see if she was still where I had left her. She was. Only Big Dog was standing infront of her like he always does, so I skipped over the ditch and ran through the forest (maize field) and came in from behind her, and she did smiling, not growling, voice at me, and I knew that she was happy to see me, so I ran and ran again, but not so far. It felt good.

It was a happy walk. It was a happy day. Him took me for a walk with Big Dog in the afternoon and I ran and ran again. Only I dived off the bank into the river. Wanted a swim. But I'm only little and couldn't get back up the bank again so Him had to lie down on the bank and lean over ever so far to get me back up. He didn't growl much though.

Many Big Mens came and visited. Busy for me and Big Dog. On patrol we are when other people come here. This is, after all, our job or so we think. Big Dog sniffed my bum, and I sniffed his. I think we might get along.

And I became so tired after my busy day. I heard Her pack up for the night. Time to go into my bed and have my door shut. Him was still there. I like it when he is here. I call out for him at night, when they leave me, but Him or Her come back and tell me off. I don't care. I'm still going to let them know that it is unfair treatment of their trainee watchdog.

But: Her said to come with her and Big Dog. What was this? What was going on? Into the place where they sleep she took me. Big Dog has a bed. He went straight to it. Her gave me my bed from my other sleeping place. She put it down by the door. I didn't like that. Might get stepped on. So I found myself a little place just big enough for a little dog like me, and snuck on in there. And stayed very quiet all night. Big Dog made loads of noises, but I didn't. I just stayed ever so quiet and didn't even snoar. I wanted to be a good boy, so I could stay with them all. They are, after all, my new family.

Merci pour votre attention. Au revoir pour ce moment mon amis. xxxxxxxxx


DUTA said...

Delightful post. One can see that you like Gus a lot.

Vera said...

Yes, I do, Duta. He is a sensitive little being, although naughty, and glad you enjoyed the post.

the fly in the web said...

He must be a little darling to communicate with you like this.

Vera said...

I wouldn't say he is exactly a 'little darling, Fly on the web, although he is devastingly cute when he wants to be, but he came to us like a piece of flotsam landing upon the beach after drifting about on the sea, so we will try to do our best by him.
I am naturally able to put myself in other people's 'shoes', or in this case, inside Gus's head. I am not sure whether that is a 'gift' or not!

Roz said...

Loved your post - another as potty as me about our furry friends xx

Vera said...

Hi Roz. Have just popped over to your blog, and caught up with what has been happening in your patch of France. Glad you liked this post, and yes! I do like animals and the natural world. Good luck with your kitchen.